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This Changes Nothing
  1. yung elplaga

    yung elplagaPred 3 urami

    Ppl fail to realize to get into the nba, the highest level of professional basketball, you have to have an EXTRAORDINARY level of talent, conditioning, discipline, dedication, and skill that most ppl who are average simply aren't blessed with

  2. sc0rp

    sc0rpPred 3 urami

    the goat has spoken

  3. Piloteering Overlander

    Piloteering OverlanderPred 4 urami

    What's the perspective of a wnba player vs an NBA player 😛

  4. Liam Silver

    Liam SilverPred 4 urami

    title should read regular guys challenged a former out of shape nba player that sucked in the nba

  5. lace watts

    lace wattsPred 4 urami


  6. 10th letter

    10th letterPred 4 urami

    "Civil charges" Ah yes, the wonderful world of sports where a guy could almost kill someone else but it is okay.

  7. kyo azakura

    kyo azakuraPred 4 urami

    or Just Brian is the living goat😂😂😂

  8. Ethan Levin

    Ethan LevinPred 4 urami

    Jimmy Patrick Baldwin

  9. Justin Purcell

    Justin PurcellPred 4 urami

    This is how you shut down that Dunning Kruger Effect... Kid probably doesn't have it anymore lol

  10. Kevin Heid

    Kevin HeidPred 4 urami

    I think I could probably take bill russell

  11. Alistair Tomson-Koc

    Alistair Tomson-KocPred 4 urami

    bruh y is bill rustle that low on the tier list

  12. A New Brand Collective

    A New Brand CollectivePred 4 urami

    I think I could take on Bill Russell, full court.

  13. Kevin M

    Kevin MPred 4 urami

    My Buddy and I played a pick up game against a well retired European player, 2-on-1. It wasn’t even close, dude was hitting all his shots. His fundamentals were just above and beyond ours. I think we scored maybe 2 pts?

  14. Liam Silver

    Liam SilverPred 4 urami

    anyone...ANYONE in any sport who thinks they are as good as a pro or even former pro is smoking a joint.

  15. Amadou Ndiaye

    Amadou NdiayePred 4 urami

    I love the Bill Russell stat, shows how great he was, not just a guy with a bunch of great teammates that only played 10 teams like people say

  16. A Q

    A QPred 4 urami

    John Stockton the greatest point guard ever (yes, even above Magic from my Lakers) and truly an underrated NBA player.

  17. George Pirelli

    George PirelliPred 4 urami

    kobe used to make the best defenders in the world look silly. R.I.P

  18. Fishing & Adventures With DC

    Fishing & Adventures With DCPred 4 urami

    It’s only once you make it when you start to develop.

  19. Johnny Dangerous

    Johnny DangerousPred 4 urami

    You need to do a video on Lloyd Sweet Pea Daniels

  20. Kevin Avila

    Kevin AvilaPred 4 urami

    13:03 Melo teaching a kid the wrong way to play in the modern nba

  21. Vet & Vet

    Vet & VetPred 4 urami

    That thumbnail mad misleading 🤣🥸

  22. Jay Sin

    Jay SinPred 4 urami

    I think I would be lucky to walk away from a game with my ankles still intact if I played a g league player 😅

  23. Aztek4611

    Aztek4611Pred 4 urami

    give White Mamba his flowers

  24. jeremy dobbs

    jeremy dobbsPred 4 urami

    first you call Brian Scalabrine "goat" then you say he wasn't even an average nba player? idiot

  25. elvis vasquez

    elvis vasquezPred 4 urami

    The 'super teams' you are talking about are not the ones that get people mad... When 3 franchise players just decide to team up in a specific NBA team (Heat, Celtics, Nets, etc.) just to chase a ring is what get fans mad. Not 'super teams' created through draft and trades... By your logic, most NBA champions are super teams and we should not complain about it LOL.

  26. Dustin

    DustinPred 4 urami

    I hear what you're saying in this video and I appreciate it, but listen I was always like top 2 or 3 players on the courts in my midwestern canadian town 15 years ago, so I think I take it to Scal, 11 -9.

  27. George Sylvia

    George SylviaPred 4 urami

    I woulda busted scalabrine....then I watched this video and convinced I'm jus a Jake fay of the world

  28. jean claude van tom

    jean claude van tomPred 4 urami

    Antonio Daniel came by the gym while in san Antonio In 2003.. the best players in the gym seemed like they were moving in slow motion.. Antonio seemed like he was barely trying and dunking and making us look like fools. .. all the while encouraging us "good hustle, nice try". Lol.... just next level

  29. Matthew Goodemote

    Matthew GoodemotePred 4 urami

    20 years ago I was playing in a league in Baltimore with mostly collegiate ballers...one of the team captains brought in an extremely overweight and 5-10 years out of NBA last guy off the bench player to the playoffs. I hacked him good one play and the ref missed the call...he got pissed and proceeded to dominate everyone on the court for 5 minutes...literally unstoppable!! Thankfully he was too out of shape to keep running up and down the court. I played a lot of good ballers and including European pros...this guy opened my eyes to how good guys in the NBA really are...he was the last guy off the bench for the Bulls when he played...extremely overweight and out of shape and yet he completely dominated me and everyone else. This video reminded me of that day...and made me laugh thinking how I used be one of those jokers thinking if I was “4 inches taller”

  30. Asafo Rider

    Asafo RiderPred 4 urami

    I remember playing Cory Benjamin in a pickup game before he got drafted by the Bulls. Dude made me realize the levels.

  31. Aaron Dudley

    Aaron DudleyPred 4 urami

    My cousin who never went to college to play ball is a trainer of NBA players I believe he can beat 1 of them wholeheartedly and would love for you to look him up. His name on Instagram is @churchhboy.

  32. Raheem Bowen

    Raheem BowenPred 4 urami

    Ayo I’m cooking Kyle Lowry, Kyle Korver, Kyle kuzma... K jewelers I’m choosing me 11 to whatever they get

  33. Larry Wang

    Larry WangPred 4 urami

    This might give flight a wake up call

  34. The Back Room Podcast

    The Back Room PodcastPred 4 urami

    Alright so the worst nba player would goose jimmy and jimmy would absolutely goose me in a game of hoops

  35. Jigs Gabor

    Jigs GaborPred 4 urami

    I can beat Michael Jordan

  36. 77 388

    77 388Pred 4 urami

    People don't realize that a bunch of these "average" players are just role players on an nba team but were the top dog at their college. They can score but they have a job to do.

  37. Chris Webber

    Chris WebberPred 4 urami

    So if I wanna fk someone up, I’ll just blow up the electricity power grid and you will loose everything 😂

  38. zac collins

    zac collinsPred 4 urami

    Brian Scalabrine beating everyone under him lamelo ball comes over Brian Scalabrine ends his show

  39. Joesej

    JoesejPred 4 urami

    Played D2 football and even in my late 30s I’m positive I’d be the best player on most HS teams. Played with a future NFL player too and he made me look like a fool in college. Opposing QB wanted to go deep, always me.

  40. N. Stevenson

    N. StevensonPred 4 urami

    White Mamba

  41. Dan Stanger

    Dan StangerPred 4 urami

    During halftime of a wheelchair basketball game at the Chicago Bulls training center I watched Bulls Coach Doug Collins participate in a scrimmage exhibition. From sitting in a wheelchair he was able to quickly adjust his regular shot to make baskets. That is extremely hard to do but he made it look so easy.

  42. Will Ward

    Will WardPred 5 urami

    I played Mater Dei in HS. They are a GREAT TEAM.... this kind of spanking just does not happen to them.

  43. Philip McDonald

    Philip McDonaldPred 5 urami


  44. Woah What Is This

    Woah What Is ThisPred 5 urami

    3 on 1 after playing the other 3 1 on 1s it looked like too hahahaha

  45. mrmoney6767

    mrmoney6767Pred 5 urami

    Crazy to think LeBron competing with nba players at 16 when you put it in perspective

  46. Boy Wonder

    Boy WonderPred 5 urami

    Yea Ja Morant and was Westbrook was cool, but you should have done Dam and Rus. Dam idolized Rus before he came into the NBA. That was a huge missed opportunity not showing Dam waving Goodbye to OKC.

  47. Scotty Hotsauce

    Scotty HotsaucePred 5 urami

    The key thing people fail to realize about the white mamba is that, he wasn’t a below average NBA player because he lacked skill.. The main reason he didn’t get minutes was because he wasn’t as athletic as other pros, so based on that knowledge, you have to ask yourself, what got this man into the NBA? A man as un-athletic as Brian, obviously had some reason for being drafted, and remaining in the NBA for a number of years. That reason was, he’s still a tremendously skilled basketball player, despite all his his negative attributes. So, unless you have the athletic capability of an NBA player, you’re not going to be able to beat him, or even come close to stopping him in any scenario. People make the assumption that basketball players who have low minutes or low ppg averages are somehow not that skilled or are lacking in skill without really considering why it was in the first place that they were drafted and remained in the league at all.

  48. JarQuan Albert

    JarQuan AlbertPred 5 urami

    Isaiah Thomas

  49. Jamar Meadows

    Jamar MeadowsPred 5 urami

    Leave that man only. Do not challenge NBA talent. It's not worth it.

  50. Big C

    Big CPred 5 urami

    Burner KD 0/2 vs All star KD 100-0 💥

  51. jaydotthekidd !!!

    jaydotthekidd !!!Pred 5 urami

    Basketball goat is WILDLY misused here man. Lol, like my little sister says... ‘but go off!” 🤷🏾‍♂️

  52. Tim Howard

    Tim HowardPred 5 urami

    I've often thought it would be interesting to have an off-season matchup between the NBA team with the worst record and the college team that won the championship. Based on this video, I think it might not be that interesting.

  53. That is Nice

    That is NicePred 5 urami

    Someone need to record Shaqs reaction when watching this video

  54. Alex King

    Alex KingPred 5 urami

    I feel like junior college is better than d3

  55. namo rin

    namo rinPred 5 urami

    When i was 19 was very confident with my skills until i played with a 14 year old highschool varsity and i couldnt do shit lmfao

  56. Boba Fett

    Boba FettPred 5 urami

    Im gonna pick a 60 year old Muggsy Bogues

  57. 12st Numbers

    12st NumbersPred 5 urami

    White mamba

  58. Tim Howard

    Tim HowardPred 5 urami

    "But... But... My mommy told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up!" - So many highschool ballers.

  59. Caleb Gilbert

    Caleb GilbertPred 5 urami

    Basketball dhar mann

  60. Eddie Woods Remnant Outreach

    Eddie Woods Remnant OutreachPred 5 urami

    I was a part of a pro-am back in 2010 and 2011 here in Chicago. Players from over seas and D1 players played at it every year. In 2011 Bobby Simmons of the New Jersey Nets (a journeyman NBA player at the time on the back of the bench), and Antoine Walker (who was retired and very fat) played in it. Bobby who was about 30-ish at the time DOMINATED EVERYONE. And Antoine who looked preggers could not be stopped by anyone. It was like they were in high school seniors playing against their brothers who were still 11 and 10 years old.

  61. Kup Radya

    Kup RadyaPred 5 urami

    They have no idea they are watching the 2nd greatest flopper😂

  62. cory prange

    cory prangePred 5 urami

    I cant wait to see lukas points created stat by the end of his career.

  63. Johnz J

    Johnz JPred 5 urami

    I’m 5’7 and will run any mf dine

  64. n.1 c

    n.1 cPred 5 urami

    To be fair, I think the 3 guys at the end weren't ego driven about destroying Mr. Scalabrine, I think they were just jamming and wanted to play. Probably knew they were gonna lose. However everything you've described in this entire video is amazing. Straight facts, from the level of NBA all the way down to the contenders.

  65. Terrance Brooks

    Terrance BrooksPred 5 urami

    Van's a CHAMPION. That's DISRESPECTFUL to accost that man. Leave people alone.

  66. braniygold

    braniygoldPred 5 urami

    And the second pick James Wiseman got injured Jxmy sees the future 🔮 The curse continues

  67. civicplayer33

    civicplayer33Pred 5 urami

    I wish they brought back Pros vs Joes. 😔

  68. adrian

    adrianPred 5 urami

    Hilarious.... they all got balled up

  69. Ikilled ColMustard

    Ikilled ColMustardPred 5 urami

    I want to play against the logo one on one

  70. Qichar

    QicharPred 5 urami

    You know you're old when you're thinking, "Wait, Scalabrine retired?"

  71. Ruck Fules

    Ruck FulesPred 5 urami

    scal is champ ! harden not sooo much

  72. Beejay Quimpo

    Beejay QuimpoPred 5 urami

    I'm sure a regular guy won't regret playing with an NBA player even if they lose.

  73. Toni romero Gm

    Toni romero GmPred 5 urami

    Come on man Jordan wasn’t even trying

  74. Dan G

    Dan GPred 5 urami

    She was thinking of Kevin Durant duh

  75. Binarycodezerosandones Binary

    Binarycodezerosandones BinaryPred 5 urami

    Great video! Really interesting and well put together!

  76. Var Brown

    Var BrownPred 5 urami


  77. Qichar

    QicharPred 5 urami

    So... you have to be pretty good to play in the NBA? But the King of Delusion has to be LaVar Ball, who claims he can beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1. MJ, who most people think was the best to ever play the game.

  78. John Doe

    John DoePred 6 urami

    This is cap, i would dog the average NBA player in a 1v1, anybody with basic NBA knowledge would.

  79. Techy Plays

    Techy PlaysPred 6 urami

    I understand the whole pay thing. But you can’t expect to just get money when the business your in doesn’t have it. If the WNBA doesn’t make as much as the nba they should not be paid as much. It baffles me that people think that they deserve money just because they work hard. That’s not how the world works, you either do what you enjoy and live with the low salary or choose a higher paying profession.


    THE MAD TECHIEPred 6 urami

    I played pickup ball with some future nba hooper Donald Sloan years ago, at the time I was in great shape solid muscle at 6'3" 225 so I was probably 32 and stronger than he was due to physical maturity at the peak of my physical ability (he was 19-20). At the time he was on my team and I was hanging with him and other college players in a team dynamic, but later when I got out on the other team I drew him on defense and he decided to go at me "the older player" in the game.. Donald kicked my rear all over the court in pickup games and this was 2 years before he made the NBA. And players get much better when they get in the NBA due to dedication, coaching, and competition.