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How Can You Stop This?
This Changes Nothing
  1. Jake Duncan

    Jake DuncanPred 13 urami

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  2. Jake Henry

    Jake HenryPred 13 urami

    Watched until you said you were a Lebron stan. Had to dip at that point.

  3. Krieger Vineyard

    Krieger VineyardPred 13 urami

    i've seen this video so many times bro it's too good

  4. GMan 0723

    GMan 0723Pred 13 urami

    9:15 FAX 😂

  5. Max Salinas

    Max SalinasPred 13 urami

    Baylor should be higher

  6. MegaVladitor

    MegaVladitorPred 13 urami

    what the fuck are feets???

  7. billy norton

    billy nortonPred 14 urami

    Your video is fake

  8. Bernard Geron

    Bernard GeronPred 14 urami

    Change the topic hardest player guarding

  9. glizzyg0d

    glizzyg0dPred 14 urami

    Derozen or shai

  10. AmistadGuy

    AmistadGuyPred 14 urami

    It’s kind of crazy to me how this guy was such a gifted, incredible athlete and then goes up against Zach LaVine and gets sauced on. Puts into perspective how freakishly good NBA players are

  11. Hezekiah G Malit

    Hezekiah G MalitPred 14 urami

    nice vid

  12. xrespectzz

    xrespectzzPred 14 urami

    Did we all forget about Derick Rose at 22? Youngest MVP

  13. Esteban Moreno

    Esteban MorenoPred 14 urami

    If you walk off the court while a team is eliminating you from the conference championship you’re a sore loser and if you walk off after you’re up 2-1 you’re still a sore loser 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. Craze Babypluto

    Craze BabyplutoPred 14 urami

    Can we get an updated video of this ?

  15. minjod

    minjodPred 14 urami

    Wilt would be OP in today's era

  16. James Gingrich

    James GingrichPred 14 urami

    How could Kevin Johnson screw up that last play with Barkley under the basket with 1.5 seconds left? That is what lost the series for the Suns! It’s fixed!

  17. Ak8

    Ak8Pred 14 urami

    Leprincess is a fraud i feel bad for you kids with emotional attachments to a man that you dont know

  18. Paul Dzhugostran

    Paul DzhugostranPred 14 urami

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  19. Tad B

    Tad BPred 15 urami

    He got owned in the playoffs. Every. Single. Time.

  20. ryan lewis

    ryan lewisPred 15 urami

    The apples fell far from the tree.🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Elysian_x

    Elysian_xPred 15 urami

    I'm just happy that KD and Curry Made it to tier 4

  22. Elysian_x

    Elysian_xPred 15 urami

    Completely agreed

  23. umadd

    umaddPred 15 urami

    almost forgot to rewatch this video today

  24. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyPred 15 urami

    14:21 Anthony Davis watching this like: Huh? is he saving me for later? No? Oh okay

  25. Humongous Chungus

    Humongous ChungusPred 16 urami

    If I can be honest I don’t watch basketball games and I don’t keep track of the players but I love this channel and its videos. So correct me if I’m wrong but Harden with a center that can grab rebounds well and a remaining team of accurate shooters would be physically unstoppable. I mean, that’s what’s going on here but Kyrie isn’t at the top of shooting-he’s good but he’s not Curry if you get what I mean. It’s scary that this probably isn’t even the peak of Harden’s team-based skills.

  26. Trumpet-01 Rocket

    Trumpet-01 RocketPred 16 urami

    This was great. It is the same in any profession. An average joe going against someone in a career as a professional. I’m a musician and was good in high school and college. I know a few retired professionals that played my instrument, Trumpet. When you see and hear what they can do, it’s nightmarish. There is a reason they can non-stop for almost 24 hours; a reason they can hang a trumpet on a string and tighten their embouchure (lips) a go up 4 octaves until the horn sounds like a whistle or demonstrate valve and tongue so fast that it is a blur. Professional tennis, track, swimming, etc. it doesn’t matter, Pros are pros for a reason and do what the public doesn’t do

  27. Neko Knows

    Neko KnowsPred 16 urami

    Nets have Blake too hahahah f*cking! overpowered team. How did this happen!?

  28. unknown

    unknownPred 16 urami

    lakers should be ad and the bald mamba and that would be goated

  29. zaid murtaza

    zaid murtazaPred 16 urami

    You don't know rapsody? Sheeesh

  30. ASP

    ASPPred 16 urami

    The 3 pt line was shortened in the season Jordan shot 43% and the one after that. When they moved it back again he continued to shoot like garbage.

  31. Ryan McFarland

    Ryan McFarlandPred 16 urami

    "It's my channel and there's nothing you can do about it" 😂😂😂

  32. Jacob Carter

    Jacob CarterPred 16 urami

    I wish Klay would’ve played more than 29 minutes

  33. Daniel Ally

    Daniel AllyPred 16 urami

    Luka needs way more help!

  34. Chocky milkman

    Chocky milkmanPred 17 urami

    Whe he said “I would love to see Shaw and Kobe again” my heart dropped

  35. jon orlando

    jon orlandoPred 17 urami

    It's called changing the way the game is played. It's less physical due to the ticky tack fouls. That's why I don't get into the goat debate because the game has changed so much over the years you can't compare eras.

  36. nikos lala

    nikos lalaPred 17 urami

    what a stupid made up stat just to ''prove'' once again tha mj is the goat. Next video, whats the possibility of a superstar shooting guard having the worst 3pt contest record? or what is the possibility of the ''goat'' being swept twice in the first round. U see dude? It's easy. Your stat means nothing .Bulls was a great team . they could have 5 loses in a row for 8 years and more wins. U cant even make a statistic out of this . U can make this for any good record. Like what are the odds for a team going 73-9? or a player scoring 37 points in a quarter or 100 points in a game? This stupid possibility proves nothing about MJ, other than that he was a very good player playing in a great team

  37. ICYBOSS 23

    ICYBOSS 23Pred 17 urami

    Flight would be proud

  38. wilson lu

    wilson luPred 17 urami

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  39. Kleen Feron Osena

    Kleen Feron OsenaPred 18 urami

    Kobe's footwork and jumper+westbrooks intensity and explosiveness+lavines vertical+kawhi's defense+walls speed+rose's/kyries lay up package+wiggins athleticism+ cp3 leadership+ draymond/beverly trashtalk with his own (mj) cunning demeanor and mentality into jimmy butlers body= THE GOAT. Michael Jordan

  40. Josef Mandigma

    Josef MandigmaPred 18 urami

    The whole basketball world is gonna weep and cry for 67 years straight when this man, I mean legend dies.

  41. geoqidgwkada ajhwdfawd

    geoqidgwkada ajhwdfawdPred 18 urami

    Do WNBA players work hard yes xNyth Ex y get paid more no the WNBA doesn’t even make 100 mill while the nba makes over 7 billion the WNBA can not pay their. Players more they really cant

  42. Guilherme

    GuilhermePred 18 urami

    Bruh I’m 22yo.... what have I accomplished by now? I’m depressed

  43. Jumar Franco

    Jumar FrancoPred 18 urami

    Lebron is king but michael jordan is the emperor..haha..

  44. Tucks

    TucksPred 18 urami

    Warriors win championship in 5 2023

  45. Elysian_x

    Elysian_xPred 18 urami

    The most elite scorer this game has ever seen

  46. Blake Derby

    Blake DerbyPred 18 urami

    If this was a few years ago, easily would've been Kobe and D Wade in the top 2 or 3

  47. Duong Lien Huong

    Duong Lien HuongPred 18 urami

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  48. E E

    E EPred 19 urami

    Greatest player that plays in slow mo of all time lol

  49. Evan Kostick

    Evan KostickPred 19 urami

    I thought the rarest thing in Basketball is when the WNBA sells out their tickets.

  50. Diya Sarah

    Diya SarahPred 19 urami

    when a team is so good that when the world didn't want them to win:gsw

  51. Kelly Maragos

    Kelly MaragosPred 19 urami

    Trash list

  52. Levi Beernaert

    Levi BeernaertPred 19 urami

    Please do a video on HGH use in the NBA

  53. Gunzdown BikesUp

    Gunzdown BikesUpPred 19 urami

    Ive been watching Jimmy for a minute now . If your a baller or had dreams to ball you will watch . This channel deserves 10m followers

  54. PeachyHater

    PeachyHaterPred 19 urami

    Pippen made a book to be released sometime in November this year (2021) and I'm sure it will cost him a lot of trouble. The title is UNGUARDED. Watch out for it.

  55. Ismail El Hassan

    Ismail El HassanPred 19 urami

    This channel is pure entertainment in numbers. I had no clue this topic would be so engaging... touché 👏👏👏

  56. borna belović

    borna belovićPred 20 urami

    What's the name of the beat on 7:24

  57. MrSbib

    MrSbibPred 20 urami

    oh no.

  58. Ron

    RonPred 20 urami

    well i guess he has a last chance to prove himself, lol lakers might be looking to trade him coz he can't play with bron

  59. Zukashi Moto

    Zukashi MotoPred 20 urami

    If this happened to Lebron, he would’ve rolled on the floor 5 times, cry a little, wait till the refs call a flagrant foul on the enemy team before standing up like he didn’t cry and rolled 5 times, THEN TRADE THAT ONE TEAMMATE THAT DIDN’T HELP HIM UP

  60. Peaky Meowees

    Peaky MeoweesPred 20 urami

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  61. Raminez Dery

    Raminez DeryPred 20 urami

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  63. Anshul ki Vines

    Anshul ki VinesPred 21 uro

    Dude how is kobe not even here....also comment those watching this in 2021. Btw its just unfair that kobe isn't on this, that guy was basically MJ reincarnated.

  64. arabella ivy

    arabella ivyPred 21 uro

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  65. Marcell Johnson

    Marcell JohnsonPred 21 uro

    Awesome video

  66. arabella ivy

    arabella ivyPred 21 uro

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  67. 14GoOdLiFe

    14GoOdLiFePred 22 urami

    20pts is what you'd expect from a solid player... Get that kristaps porshitings out of the Mavs please....

  68. Samuel Williams-Ojomu

    Samuel Williams-OjomuPred 22 urami

    10:15-10:16 TRACY MCGRADY in caps while the rest are normal

  69. Andrei Pascual

    Andrei PascualPred 22 urami

    Calvin Abueva is like the Dennis Rodman of the Philippines

  70. DJ’s isn’t Ndkbdb

    DJ’s isn’t NdkbdbPred 23 urami

    If this game was first to 3 Jordan won lol he made 3 3s unless u showed the same clip twice 😂

  71. german mowery

    german moweryPred 23 urami

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  72. MakinItHappen

    MakinItHappenPred 23 urami

    Cheesy rubbish about the caucasian 50 attempts to score 20 points James Harden. Overrated as hell. He has his moments, but they come sparingly. You, the media & everyone overrate him because he is a European basketball player playing in the American NBA. Simple.

  73. german mowery

    german moweryPred 23 urami

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  74. Ben Dallas

    Ben DallasPred 23 urami

    BBALL Mt. Rushmore Lavar Ball John Rogers Michael Jordan Brian Scalabrine

  75. Hellblazer

    HellblazerPred 23 urami

    You sure this ain't a Martin Lawrence movie?

  76. Luka Muren

    Luka MurenPred dnevom

    Tnx for this Jimmy. Regards from Slo;)

  77. Eevee Pizza

    Eevee PizzaPred dnevom

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  78. aBex 469

    aBex 469Pred dnevom

    Imo : Tier GOAT : MJ Tier 1 : Kareem , LeBron , Magic , Russell Tier 2 : Kobe , Wilt , Bird , Duncan , Shaq , Hakeem