It's So Much Worse Than We Thought

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  1. Evin Grindle

    Evin GrindlePred 3 dnevi

    Who else came here from Flight to see the chart cause he ended the video early? 😂😂

  2. Joshua Y

    Joshua YPred 3 dnevi

    So.... Jimmy Butler will pull the Heat back to the NBA Finals? That the bubble will happen again?

  3. Tarun Mittal

    Tarun MittalPred 8 dnevi

    Kawhai should have stayed in Toronto smh

  4. big soulja

    big souljaPred 9 dnevi

    Serious question: did yo liked the video after Caruso's unexpected appearance?

  5. prancerjohn ponce

    prancerjohn poncePred 10 dnevi

    Yes and there's a lot of players who performed worst than PG. But he is the only one who talks like he matters. He even think that he is on lebron's level. The same thing why people bash lebron. Because he is saying he is better than jordan which he had a case. Same reason why people hate steph. Cause he literally cant carry a game. Yes he won a championship without durant but cavs starting PG and PF is injured and curry acts like he is great. If you were to add durant to cavs vs GSW. Same thing will happen. GSW wont have a chance. There's a reason behind the hate. However people just hated lebron because he is a threat to jordan.

  6. Chandler Rodgers

    Chandler RodgersPred 10 dnevi

    The link to LCA beats isn’t working for me. I can’t find this beat on yt

  7. Ianchamp_YT

    Ianchamp_YTPred 11 dnevi

    Welp ad torn his right Achilles

  8. Georges Fontaine

    Georges FontainePred 14 dnevi

    Me: GSW KC: “Shut up warriors fan” 😂😂😂

  9. mirac sariaslan

    mirac sariaslanPred 19 dnevi


  10. Rafael Lionel Lindo

    Rafael Lionel LindoPred 20 dnevi

    Jxmy: You cant just put talent on a team and expect to win a title thats not how championships work Jxmy:Shut up warriors fans just stay out of this

  11. Erwin RileyV

    Erwin RileyVPred 21 dnevom


  12. Bailey Kennedy Golf

    Bailey Kennedy GolfPred 21 dnevom

    Trap sax????? Were is it.

  13. RunForDank

    RunForDankPred 21 dnevom

    After you posting this vid Clippers are shooting a league best %42 from 3 and has the best record in the NBA. Thanks :)

  14. Christ-Mind Science

    Christ-Mind SciencePred 22 dnevi

    Wait he didn't put LeBron 70 pt loss to the spurs on there

  15. ItzEmS

    ItzEmSPred 22 dnevi

    Pretty much you are saying why the nba is going to hurt itself why you ask the regular season means nothing nothing. Losing a game doesn’t matter

  16. cyclothepsycho

    cyclothepsychoPred 22 dnevi

    6:22 san antonio kawhi is slowly fading away

  17. yKreepzz

    yKreepzzPred 22 dnevi

    the ending had me in stiches lmao. Caruso the GOAT

  18. Weezy Drippz

    Weezy DrippzPred 25 dnevi

    6:24 kawhi was laughing 😳😳

  19. Kraus Gaming

    Kraus GamingPred 26 dnevi

    Clippers are a team that is built in one night. It will never work. Meanwhile, GSW has been building the team since 2011. They only worked it out when they changed the coach. Clippers need playmakers

  20. Germaine Rucker

    Germaine RuckerPred 26 dnevi

    Crazy they was both the 3rd game of the season😳

  21. Nick Scheidt

    Nick ScheidtPred 27 dnevi

    Jesus loves you

  22. J Free

    J FreePred 29 dnevi

    Alex is really the goat🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. George Kell

    George KellPred mesecem

    Having watched the last 5 years, no matter how you put it, pg is top 10

  24. Siddhant Andhale

    Siddhant AndhalePred mesecem

    This Didnt age Well Bronsexual Highroller Haha 😅

  25. Dessy Got Jokes

    Dessy Got JokesPred mesecem


  26. O Cortes

    O CortesPred mesecem

    Does anyone know the song name at 0:44? Thanks

  27. Cahriis

    CahriisPred mesecem

    "Lebron's assistant coach, Ty Lue" LMFAOOOOOOOOO

  28. Christopher Mauro-Barias

    Christopher Mauro-BariasPred mesecem

    JxmyHighroller is a clippers fan confirmed

  29. M o n k e

    M o n k ePred mesecem

    3:06 well, the bottom left is technically correct, but..

  30. Raymond Gallagher

    Raymond GallagherPred mesecem

    The hypnotic organ comparably store because mom rationally grip into a nervous christopher. jolly, internal click

  31. basket legend

    basket legendPred mesecem

    4:09 "and signed lebron james's assistant coach from the 2016 championship run " bruhh this man is funny ash

  32. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuPred mesecem


  33. HurricaneStarang

    HurricaneStarangPred mesecem

    Strange there isnt one comment about how low the volume is in this video 🤔 I have this shit almost at full volume to hear him clearly, other youtube videos would be breaking my shits


    NBA HIGHLIGHTSPred mesecem

    Man look at the league now clips on top of Lakers because they crashed bron and Lakers in opening night

  35. Alex

    AlexPred mesecem

    Ac= best of al time

  36. lia lialaia

    lia lialaiaPred mesecem

    It was playoff P in the regular season

  37. Thomas Napert

    Thomas NapertPred mesecem

    Jimmy out here dropping 🔥 memes blended seamlessly with his vids. "SHUT UP WARRIORS FANS, STAY OUT OF THIS!" 😂☠

  38. N O V Animations

    N O V AnimationsPred mesecem

    The way he said “My God!” Made me crack up 😵🤣

  39. Ray Cruz

    Ray CruzPred mesecem

    Lebron James' assistant coach 🤣😂

  40. Thatcoolkid

    ThatcoolkidPred mesecem

    The titles to your videos seem like clickbait, but their not lol. You vids are 10/10😌

  41. Thine_Reaper

    Thine_ReaperPred mesecem

    Jesus christ those jerseys are awful, why are the Mavericks wearing green?

  42. Bishop

    BishopPred mesecem

    Paul George is trash

  43. Kakts S

    Kakts SPred mesecem

    Fans been having these retarded spazzed out "predictions" forever, the difference is that our dads had these debates in their obscure mancaves and nobody was the wiser, now especially during rona whern you can't go out and watch te game with your friends all the emotion is vomited on the social media.

  44. Requiem for a Meme

    Requiem for a MemePred mesecem

    3:10 than your mom*

  45. alex foster

    alex fosterPred mesecem

    The record won't be broken ever.....

  46. regulus

    regulusPred mesecem

    6:56 Well, At least jimmy is there when you need him late-season

  47. NoobPlayZ Productions

    NoobPlayZ ProductionsPred mesecem

    That nets game was the real life version of "when you set the difficulty in MyCareer to HoF" 🤣😂🤣

  48. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔPred mesecem

    serge ibaka is great for chemistry but even he might not be able to fix the clippers chemistry problem

  49. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔPred mesecem

    i like how everyone on the clippers had a negative plus minus

  50. AB - 06SH 787359 SouthFields Village PS

    AB - 06SH 787359 SouthFields Village PSPred mesecem

    Flight reacted to this video. We all know you are the JXMY “THE CHART” HIGHROLLER

  51. Jonathan Melaku

    Jonathan MelakuPred mesecem


  52. Andreas Varady

    Andreas VaradyPred mesecem

    I have never watched a basketball game or have a fave team yet but somehow these videos make me wanna start following the NBA . You make sick vids man. Got me into Basketball coming from a soccer fan

  53. RTG Abdi

    RTG AbdiPred mesecem

    Basically he’s saying “the media is slowly ruining basketball and players careers”

  54. Christian Buna

    Christian BunaPred mesecem

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  55. Austen McKee

    Austen McKeePred mesecem

    As a Hornets fan, signing Nic Batum was NOT a good move

  56. Adam Doležálek

    Adam DoležálekPred mesecem

    have you actually watched him this season???

  57. Some Guy

    Some GuyPred mesecem

    "LeBron James' assistant coach"

  58. Supernøva 5

    Supernøva 5Pred mesecem

    5:13 he really exposed trashrefs lmao

  59. Smart Scar

    Smart ScarPred mesecem

    Crazy how both Jimmy Butler and Paul George had those performances against the Mavericks this season.

  60. M

    MPred mesecem

    i miss the pacers with pg, it was a fun run

  61. Ivar Pettersson

    Ivar PetterssonPred mesecem

    JxmyHighroller: Wait... Me who watches at 4am: *Visual Excitement*

  62. Ashley Cook

    Ashley CookPred mesecem

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  63. noack marvin

    noack marvinPred mesecem

    outro music ?

  64. THICCshake dabber

    THICCshake dabberPred mesecem

    Keep this video up till the playoffs lol ur gonna be so wrong bud 🤦‍♂️

  65. MBRLx732

    MBRLx732Pred mesecem

    man u the realest

  66. Eddy Macias

    Eddy MaciasPred mesecem

    You definitely a Lakers fan

  67. Francis Naufahu

    Francis NaufahuPred mesecem

    0:49 GODDAMN!!

  68. socope17

    socope17Pred mesecem

    Jimmy just carried the Heat to the finals 8 weeks prior to his 2pt game. What did PG do to earn his respect when he’s not playing so great?

  69. coolruiz19

    coolruiz19Pred mesecem

    Judges too early

  70. Chicago Bears Fan

    Chicago Bears FanPred mesecem

    Who else came to this vid from flight’s vid to see the chart?

  71. Survival

    SurvivalPred mesecem

    BRO FACTS Clipper fans got way too excited

  72. Benjamin Wrubel

    Benjamin WrubelPred mesecem

    I really like how you adapt the Bois style and make it your own, as far as visual representation of statistics to tell a story. But only as a conclusion. Well done. Subscriber as of now.

  73. nzo_ 2410

    nzo_ 2410Pred mesecem

    2:42 I like the laugh

  74. Paul Smith

    Paul SmithPred mesecem

    “LeBron’s assistant coach”😂

  75. Tamilore Fashae

    Tamilore FashaePred mesecem

    I'll always see him as a choker until he gets a ring

  76. D W

    D WPred mesecem

    This is just one game and beginning of the season. Clippers are still a solid team.


    ANDRE CARTERPred mesecem

    Its obvious this was a luka ritual they scored 77 luka wears 77 yall are not able to see the mocking right in your face

  78. Mexican Unicorn

    Mexican UnicornPred mesecem

    bruh that's what I thought this is facts can't believe so many people are delusional


    DUKEFOSPred mesecem

    This man has the nicest voice ive ever heard

  80. Angelo Rodriguez

    Angelo RodriguezPred mesecem

    That Pandemic P pass to the ref always gets me 😭😂😭😂

  81. kamran ahmed

    kamran ahmedPred mesecem

    Doncic the real prodigy

  82. jerkinboy517

    jerkinboy517Pred mesecem

    Jimmy why are you such a god?

  83. Wavy Sn8k

    Wavy Sn8kPred mesecem

    Idk why but I jus have that feeling that the clippers are gonna win the championship. I’m not changing my opinion. I’m not one of those fake clippers fans lmao

  84. MrBrocoly Playz

    MrBrocoly PlayzPred mesecem

    no one has realized that Danny green and kawhi played in the same stadium for there entire careers

  85. MrBrocoly Playz

    MrBrocoly PlayzPred mesecem

    @Kebab ye but they will play against each other

  86. Kebab

    KebabPred mesecem

    Except Danny is in Philly now

  87. w9 Spirit

    w9 SpiritPred mesecem

    when you put it on rookie

  88. Elias Castaneda

    Elias CastanedaPred mesecem

    “MY GOD”

  89. Jalen Harris

    Jalen HarrisPred mesecem

    The Jimmy butler one was a terrible example he scored 4 in the game before cause he got hurt and this game he was coming off the ankle injury and clearly wasn’t himself. I get where ur coming from tho

  90. Joe Bernhardt

    Joe BernhardtPred mesecem

    I'm anticipating another James Harden/Nets video.

  91. Moses Musa

    Moses MusaPred mesecem

    Yeahh I was about to say the clippers broke the record. But my guy covered everything😂❕

  92. James Mallory

    James MalloryPred mesecem

    You could be massive if u posted more videos😫

  93. Nate Productions

    Nate ProductionsPred mesecem


  94. Nuked Image

    Nuked ImagePred mesecem

    Most obvious Lebron bandwagon in history lmaoo

  95. Nate Productions

    Nate ProductionsPred mesecem


  96. Hosea The Hamster

    Hosea The HamsterPred mesecem

    Waiting 4 that harden video!

  97. Nate Productions

    Nate ProductionsPred mesecem


  98. Hainz Urbi

    Hainz UrbiPred mesecem

    As warriors fan ill let u slide on that one

  99. Alvin Anis

    Alvin AnisPred mesecem

    "You can't just throw a bunch of talent and expect to win a championship." Nets franchise: Y'all hear sum?

  100. az2g albakri

    az2g albakriPred mesecem

    what is your fucking mic you feel me

  101. V u x

    V u xPred mesecem

    My gawd

  102. krishan

    krishanPred mesecem

    we need that harden to the nets video with all the charts 😂

  103. Nate Higgers

    Nate HiggersPred mesecem

    Whose waiting for him to do a video about harden traded to the nets😂

  104. Adriel Figueroa

    Adriel FigueroaPred mesecem

    I need this man to talk about the nets now

  105. Oshyy Gaming

    Oshyy GamingPred mesecem

    My guy jxmy where is the harden to the nets video? I'm forced to watch mike korzemba now.

  106. Nico Arcilla

    Nico ArcillaPred mesecem

    Jxmy can you make a video about harden on the nets