The Nets Are Already BREAKING RECORDS And They Haven't Even Played A Game Together

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  1. MugenThaInfinite

    MugenThaInfinitePred 5 urami

    0:47 When did Rick ross join the Nba?

  2. Ansh Patel

    Ansh PatelPred 6 urami

    This super team is working right now though

  3. Niklas Manke Lozano

    Niklas Manke LozanoPred 18 urami

    although this comment might come back to haunt me as a nets fan ima say it, this didnt age well

  4. Rosannexo1 Cantubpp7

    Rosannexo1 Cantubpp7Pred 18 urami

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  5. XD Gaming

    XD GamingPred 2 dnevi

    Pair this with Kure Irving’s “The Earth is flat, 3rd eye, I’m so woke” nonsense 🤣🤣🤣

  6. NewsPaperBin

    NewsPaperBinPred 3 dnevi

    Give this guy a graph and he'll somehow make you look like a legend.

  7. Lee Nagbe

    Lee NagbePred 3 dnevi

    This video sounds so stupid in present day.

  8. Funny_Scream .mp3

    Funny_Scream .mp3Pred 3 dnevi

    I mean so far they’re doing good, we just got to wait until the playoffs

  9. life is good

    life is goodPred 3 dnevi

    There beating every good team out there

  10. bignardo95

    bignardo95Pred 3 dnevi

    Harden has to take the back seat. He's the only superstar without a ring. If he's smart, he'll do whatever it takes to win a ring, or rings, and the go back to showing his a$$ until he retires.

  11. Andrew Francis

    Andrew FrancisPred 3 dnevi

    Who’s here after James harden is the pg?

  12. C shyu

    C shyuPred 4 dnevi

    Nope, doesn't matter. If the ticket sells, then nothing else matters. Kyrie+Harden+Durant will sell. Only true fans will groan in pain at the sheer stupidity of this trade.

  13. Yuri Boris

    Yuri BorisPred 4 dnevi

    A month later and the NETS are doing great 👍 ☺ let's goo Brooklyn 🙌 💪

  14. Cam C

    Cam CPred 4 dnevi

    “Daily visits” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    ANGELS CRACJEDPred 5 dnevi

    Huuuuuuuuh the end really got me shook

  16. Basil Sadoon

    Basil SadoonPred 6 dnevi

    Stephen Curry is the greatest of all time

  17. Tiberiu Matei Brașoveanu

    Tiberiu Matei BrașoveanuPred 6 dnevi

    Me after seeing the last chart: Oh crap

  18. slow5oh

    slow5ohPred 4 dnevi

    Wait till you look up how many of those is Lebron


    AJ ANALYSISPred 7 dnevi

    well james harden is averaging 11 asts per game. So definitely he won't sacrifice!

  20. _ gambetta _

    _ gambetta _Pred 8 dnevi

    poor durant

  21. DDuckey

    DDuckeyPred 9 dnevi

    Listen kyrie irving is leaving the nets to join the lakers mid season lebron and ad are going to leave to the nets and win a championship with a big 4

  22. PointerPlayz

    PointerPlayzPred 8 dnevi


  23. Nathali Ego-Ugan

    Nathali Ego-UganPred 10 dnevi

    can a former MVP win Most Improve player?

  24. Lukas Crane13

    Lukas Crane13Pred 10 dnevi

    “ you can’t put a bunch of talent on a team and expect to win” The literal Browns 😂

  25. Steve Johnson

    Steve JohnsonPred 11 dnevi

    Lakers: **chuckles** im in danger

  26. none

    nonePred 11 dnevi

    The fact that nobody mention Jordan or Kobe jumping teams to chase championships means the Brooklyn Nets records are irrelevant.

  27. Raphe

    RaphePred 11 dnevi

    And now harden average like 12 assist per game

  28. hima cloud

    hima cloudPred 11 dnevi

    Harden doing it

  29. Mora Mulford

    Mora MulfordPred 12 dnevi

    The juicy question mainly dress because driver radiographically scratch along a ambiguous detective. elderly, quick recess

  30. NFl Rankings

    NFl RankingsPred 12 dnevi

    Looks like Harden has taken the 3rd man spot

  31. Domy

    DomyPred 12 dnevi

    Dont forget they have the worst defense in nba history, next.

  32. MB

    MBPred 12 dnevi

    Who is that lakers trio plz tell me

  33. Irwn Ayb

    Irwn AybPred 12 dnevi

    3rd player aside. They shouldve kept Jared Allen

  34. Cody Woof

    Cody WoofPred 13 dnevi

    Who remembers when kyrie left clevland because he wanted his own team!

  35. Vandal.E6

    Vandal.E6Pred 13 dnevi

    harden was 100% wearing a fat suit

  36. Dainsleif

    DainsleifPred 15 dnevi

    Bet that harden and durant won't pass to each other

  37. Kirk Brasier

    Kirk BrasierPred 16 dnevi

    I love your videos Jimmy! very very high quality!

  38. Ælling

    ÆllingPred 16 dnevi

    As of rn, the trio is averaging 81,1 points per game this season, just an update if anyone was wondering :)

  39. Ibrahim Syed

    Ibrahim SyedPred 16 dnevi

    Harden in my opinion is the man who sacrificed the ball

  40. Im LB9

    Im LB9Pred 17 dnevi

    i think kyrie has to go to the bench to even it out

  41. Brax 1100

    Brax 1100Pred 17 dnevi

    The nets are going to be so toxic

  42. Puneetinder Grewal

    Puneetinder GrewalPred 18 dnevi

    Remember when the nets were a team where people could dump their aging players.

  43. Zach

    ZachPred 19 dnevi

    How much money would you make well see I made a chart

  44. Keu Kirito

    Keu KiritoPred 19 dnevi

    Honestly if I was the nets i pups try to get shai from the thunder and also try to get bazley if possible for kyrie that would be a legendary trio and i know it would work

  45. Drake Goebel

    Drake GoebelPred 20 dnevi

    The Twolves has the big three of Wiggins, Towns, and Butler

  46. Private iiGodzxXx

    Private iiGodzxXxPred 20 dnevi

    But they got no d haha

  47. By Fernando Acuna

    By Fernando AcunaPred 20 dnevi

    Lakers in 5

  48. Raj Star

    Raj StarPred 21 dnevom

    Nets = 💪💪💪💪

  49. Daniel Hersey

    Daniel HerseyPred 21 dnevom

    Isaiah thomas, Joe dumars and Bill lambier such an underrated trio

  50. D L

    D LPred 21 dnevom

    if this doesn't age well will you post an updated video?

  51. A Persona

    A PersonaPred 21 dnevom

    honestly the "you cant put a bunch of talent and expect things to work" thing really does make sense in anything ive seen teams from basketball all the way to gaming and it just doesnt work when you have all stars everywhere


    YESYERTPred 21 dnevom

    Well it’s working right now they are all averaging 22+

  53. Rondale Tomarong

    Rondale TomarongPred 21 dnevom

    Harden is the one who has taken a step back.Harden is their PG he is Their Distributor

  54. Hxzi

    HxziPred 22 dnevi

    As someone from the future the trio isn’t the problem,it’s their defensive rebounding and their issues in the clutch bu things that that can be improved over tho course of the season so as someone from Brooklyn I’m not worried YET.

  55. Sneha Kumar

    Sneha KumarPred 22 dnevi

    I’ll be super happy if the Brooklyn Nets get a championship, but I’ll really miss Caris Levert and Jarrett Allen :(

  56. Noah Herrera

    Noah HerreraPred 22 dnevi

    And Kurucs :((((

  57. Sharif Abukar

    Sharif AbukarPred 22 dnevi

    Where you been jxmy

  58. Brock Lee

    Brock LeePred 22 dnevi

    Could you maybe get a video on Tony Parker? Hes very underrated

  59. lawrence lawton

    lawrence lawtonPred 22 dnevi

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  60. m skoulikas

    m skoulikasPred 23 dnevi

    Jimmy I’d love to so a chart and some insight to the history of undrafted players and the significance of Fred Vanvleets recent 54 point game! It is the most point scored by an undrafted player ever

  61. Taylor H

    Taylor HPred 23 dnevi

    Petition to bring back the old intro

  62. qco1414

    qco1414Pred 23 dnevi

    Bests videos ever, big hug from spain Jimmy 👍😉

  63. Kevin Clancy

    Kevin ClancyPred 24 dnevi

    Please Upload!!!!

  64. Gavin X 2

    Gavin X 2Pred 24 dnevi

    Better duo: Kobe and Shaq or Micheal and Scottie

  65. Mike Tubman

    Mike TubmanPred 25 dnevi

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  66. Illy Mitrani

    Illy MitraniPred 25 dnevi

    Where's the 2008 celtics

  67. Bryce Thompson

    Bryce ThompsonPred 26 dnevi

    when u gonna upload again?? ive been waiting for a new upload all week!!! ur vids r great!!

  68. Tomato Cards

    Tomato CardsPred 26 dnevi

    Jxmy you can use a bass boosted version of the song u got copyrighted for we got copyright claimed for a small portion of our video but not the bass boosted version!

  69. Tomato Cards

    Tomato CardsPred 26 dnevi

    This is the link: First 10 seconds are copyrighted tho

  70. James Antonio

    James AntonioPred 26 dnevi

    72 lbs in 72 hrs...he was looking bloated...

  71. Ramiro

    RamiroPred 26 dnevi

    I know it’s another sport but man how I wish you could make one of these charts about Jerry Rice

  72. Andrew Marcus

    Andrew MarcusPred 27 dnevi

    Rodman never needed the ball. He was a rebound specialist.

  73. Zander Brockman

    Zander BrockmanPred 27 dnevi

    2:14 as of rn they are at 82.5 I believe

  74. K0ST4S K0R0N

    K0ST4S K0R0NPred 27 dnevi

    I remember watching one of your videos saying that LeBron has a 4-6 record in the Finals. Im not a hater of you, in fact, i love your content. The thing is, that he has reached the Finals 10 times. Going to the Finals is a success. Even if you win or not, its a success. So i personally believe that its stupid to say that he has a losing record in the Finals.

  75. Andrew the hoopist

    Andrew the hoopistPred 27 dnevi

    I know how good the nets are going to be, I know I’m going to sound delusional saying this. MARK MY WORDS the nets won’t win a championship because they don’t play de.

  76. San Ono

    San OnoPred 28 dnevi

    che: allow me to introduce myself

  77. Marki Money

    Marki MoneyPred 28 dnevi

    Nets should give Ben Gordon a try 🤔

  78. covid18

    covid18Pred 28 dnevi

    Jxmy has to talk about the entire beal situation

  79. Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithPred 29 dnevi

    Wouldn't it be some shit if somehow someway the rockets made it to the finals with the nets and beat the nets...

  80. Eliel Ahonen

    Eliel AhonenPred 29 dnevi

    and yet it has been Harden 🤷🏼‍♂️

  81. Jesús Blan

    Jesús BlanPred 29 dnevi

    No klay, curry and durant? LoL

  82. JamesW

    JamesWPred 29 dnevi

    James Harden has kind of taken that roll, for the Nets he's been mostly a pass first kind of player with 15 assists last game although he did still manage to still get 31 points so who knows

  83. El Jefe

    El JefePred 29 dnevi

    Who's watching this after Harden's record breaking debut with the nets?

  84. David Dela Peña

    David Dela PeñaPred 29 dnevi

    where is the lakers on the thumbnail😭

  85. Alec Sweet

    Alec SweetPred mesecem

    Who’s here after kyries first game back dropping 89 combined 👀

  86. Al thefinessa

    Al thefinessaPred mesecem

    Yo bring back the horns

  87. Solar Workouts

    Solar WorkoutsPred mesecem

    Can you make a video on Shammgod?

  88. Dane Scott

    Dane ScottPred mesecem

    I have to be completely honest, I have been watching every video you have put out for almost 2 and a half years now. Prior to watching your videos I did not like basketball but seeing how you display information is honestly unbelievable. It gives me a greater respect for the superstar dominance on the court and really brought me to the game of basketball.

  89. Ayre Josse

    Ayre JossePred mesecem

    Pls make a video that time MJ played PG in 1989

  90. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuPred mesecem


  91. Jr's_ Dubs

    Jr's_ DubsPred mesecem

    What happened to ramel loyd

  92. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuPred mesecem

    3:54 where’s the 07-08 Celtics?

  93. Stacyon Hair & Beauty Consultant

    Stacyon Hair & Beauty ConsultantPred mesecem

    Lakers still going to best them. Might be able to predict a Lakers vs Nets finals. All 3 guys love the ball let's see what happens

  94. Road To Williamsport

    Road To WilliamsportPred mesecem

    Bro needs to delete this video it’s gonna look horrible in a few years

  95. Austin Rainwater

    Austin RainwaterPred mesecem

    Here’s an idea start kd and kyrie and let harden do his thing when kd and kyrie are on the bench

  96. BrandonR6

    BrandonR6Pred mesecem

    Wait, Kyrie thinks the earth is flat? 😐🤣

  97. aka Lxzy

    aka LxzyPred mesecem

    It’s been harden so far

  98. Thompson from FINLAND

    Thompson from FINLANDPred mesecem

    Make video about steve kerr.

  99. Shota Toriumi

    Shota ToriumiPred mesecem

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  100. Zyla Edge

    Zyla EdgePred mesecem

    Something tell me the nets at the top of the chart yep they are lol

  101. INA Basketball 2

    INA Basketball 2Pred mesecem

    this video is so damn good

  102. Stephan Williot

    Stephan WilliotPred mesecem

    What the championship winning bulls?

  103. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuPred mesecem

    Nets is about to turn into an NFL team, 3 guys scoring, rest can just play defence

  104. Alejon Dela Cruz

    Alejon Dela CruzPred mesecem

    That graph is bullshit hahaha, they don't play together then you put their average together, what a joke.

  105. Brian Throm

    Brian ThromPred mesecem

    They’ll be fine if they keep their egos in check and figure out how to play off of each other instead of just taking turns with the rock


    COWBOYS FIVE05Pred mesecem

    3:54 where’s the 07-08 Celtics?

  107. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuPred mesecem

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  108. Courtside convo

    Courtside convoPred mesecem