When A Pre-NBA Kevin Durant Embarrassed LeBron and Team USA

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  1. Westwood

    WestwoodPred 10 urami

    Kufc you

  2. Purple

    PurplePred dnevom

    1:20 (: 2070 facts yoo

  3. 454ffv

    454ffvPred 2 dnevi

    i know hindsight is 20/20 and i get greg oden was an absolute beast during this time and was dominating everyone, but still dont understand how he was drafted over KD

  4. Curtis D Robinson

    Curtis D RobinsonPred 2 dnevi


  5. nazdalaan

    nazdalaanPred 2 dnevi

    He’s most efficient player I ever watched

  6. MythicalSLIM

    MythicalSLIMPred 3 dnevi

    The anomaly of the anomaly

  7. Freddy Flazh

    Freddy FlazhPred 5 dnevi

    The Grim Reaper

  8. Cesar xxx

    Cesar xxxPred 6 dnevi

    As much as i'm LeBron fan, KD always been above level of elite and will always.

  9. Lu T

    Lu TPred 6 dnevi


  10. The Best

    The BestPred 6 dnevi

    100% he watched this.

  11. ReyBee9

    ReyBee9Pred 6 dnevi

    Imagine being portland in 2007

  12. Luan moin

    Luan moinPred 6 dnevi

    I think I watched this video like 5 times or something idk I just love this video for some reason

  13. Brian Ambory

    Brian AmboryPred 7 dnevi

    Love your videos! The production quality, editing, voice over, and background music make for a great overall product! I humbly disagree that K.D. is one, "...of the greatest of all time." The rest of his career will tell us that. Right now, K.D. is, in my opinion, one of the best of the current era. Stating that he is one of the best of all time is an insult to greats that had careers of 25 plus years of leading the league in numerous categories and winning championships, personal accolades like MVP, scoring champ, defensive player oty, etc. Durant has done these things, but will he continue?

  14. Raptors2019

    Raptors2019Pred 7 dnevi

    Atlanta caught a stray

  15. XxXTheMayorXxX

    XxXTheMayorXxXPred 7 dnevi

    If he was only 18 it makes plenty sense to be listed shorter doesn’t it? Don’t you not officially stop growing till your early-mid 20’s? Love your videos by the way

  16. Chris Free

    Chris FreePred 7 dnevi

    If he works hard and stays motivated he can be a legend one day

  17. Quinn Gilbert

    Quinn GilbertPred 8 dnevi

    ah the days before KD was a fucking snake

  18. Denyse Cassy

    Denyse CassyPred 9 dnevi

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  20. BERT

    BERTPred 12 dnevi

    Lite work...KD is phenomenal

  21. Terry In Da Chat

    Terry In Da ChatPred 12 dnevi

    We would've had Oden in this game but since he got injured during the Summer League, KD became his replacement.. Damn what could've been with Oden.

  22. Gtown Baby

    Gtown BabyPred 13 dnevi

    Lol fam KD was the only person who needed to prove gain or showcase anything in this week ass game and you talking about “embarrassed” 😂🥴 NO!!!

  23. Veezo TV

    Veezo TVPred 14 dnevi


  24. GamerMoment03

    GamerMoment03Pred 15 dnevi

    The fact this guy scored 22 points on Lebron and others when he was the same age as me is so sad and amazing at the same time

  25. Anthony Lipetri

    Anthony LipetriPred 15 dnevi

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  26. Joel Mills

    Joel MillsPred 15 dnevi


  27. PorkFrog

    PorkFrogPred 16 dnevi

    Durant is 4th all-time in PPG...He is despised for joining the Warriors, but there's no one like him

  28. Lord Yadi

    Lord YadiPred 17 dnevi

    1:40.....neither did Magic

  29. Lee Samantha

    Lee SamanthaPred 18 dnevi

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  30. Just don’t ask why

    Just don’t ask whyPred 18 dnevi

    That woman put somethin in that cup of Gateraid, %100.

  31. Vinny Mac

    Vinny MacPred 18 dnevi

    Kobe and Durant = Mike and Scottie.

  32. Bret Wells

    Bret WellsPred 18 dnevi

    Free KD!

  33. ccsballazdre

    ccsballazdrePred 18 dnevi

    When I saw KD at Texas in 06. I knew I was watching the best player to live.

  34. nup418jek ;hic'mem

    nup418jek ;hic'memPred 19 dnevi

    The whole news collaterally wink because current provisionally crawl of a wacky letter. guttural H habitual, damaged coach

  35. Gio Brando

    Gio BrandoPred 19 dnevi

    He came off the bench a few days ago as well, League out to get Slim God for some reason.

  36. AYB GREG

    AYB GREGPred 20 dnevi

    Ppl grow until they're like 21 or so

  37. Harper Crespi

    Harper CrespiPred 20 dnevi

    Durant looks skinnier now than he does then

  38. adam robbins

    adam robbinsPred 20 dnevi

    And Tmac was what Durant followed to be specific .. Durant will never be the playmaker tmac was but he is a more efficient scorer than tmac

  39. adam robbins

    adam robbinsPred 20 dnevi

    All world line up ? Lmao get the hell out of here ...

  40. Davon Berr

    Davon BerrPred 20 dnevi

    came off the bench yesterday lmao

  41. Dee Snuts

    Dee SnutsPred 20 dnevi

    People just don't realize that the reason college players play great vs veterans is because they're doing their best to make an impression and showcase their skills kinda like an audition while vets literally treat these kind of game as practice.

  42. David Peters

    David PetersPred 20 dnevi

    Another reason why we need the Sonics back in Seattle #NoSharedHistory

  43. Cwow Brown

    Cwow BrownPred 20 dnevi

    Maybe the only player of Lebron’s era who can look him right into his eyes and say he was better than him

  44. Cool_calm collected

    Cool_calm collectedPred 21 dnevom

    today’s feb 5th 2021 KD and the nets just finished playing against the raptors and KD came off the bench today due to covid-19 protocols this comment will be legendary for years to come lol

  45. Tony Cherry

    Tony CherryPred 21 dnevom

    KD str8 outta Seat Pleasant MD. DMV

  46. vincent bucciarelli

    vincent bucciarelliPred 21 dnevom

    KD is the truth. Hated that he went to golden state but I’ve always loved his game. One of a kind

  47. Allen Ho

    Allen HoPred 21 dnevom

    Does anyone knows the name of the background music?

  48. steviewanda

    steviewandaPred 21 dnevom

    Still Portland 1st picked was Greg Oden

  49. Edem Zolo

    Edem ZoloPred 21 dnevom


  50. Patrick Kramer

    Patrick KramerPred 21 dnevom

    Why u gotta do the hawks like that 😂😂

  51. Derk Dillon

    Derk DillonPred 21 dnevom

    Yall do know lebron was a damn kid right kd was damn near a man at that point so please stop haten on lebron

  52. Jay R

    Jay RPred 21 dnevom

    Durant isn't 7ft. Every NBA player lists their own height or at least it's their height with shoes. These dudes are all two inches shorter. Zion 6-7...

  53. Jason McCleary

    Jason McClearyPred 21 dnevom

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  54. Derelict Music

    Derelict MusicPred 22 dnevi

    Nice video, but I think the problem here is the New Jersey Nets themselves listed Durant as 6'10 without shoes in the 2019 off-season when the NBA required teams to submit heights of players barefoot. You can't compare photos when you can't see footwear, control for posture, or the camera angle.

  55. Fernando Enriquez

    Fernando EnriquezPred 22 dnevi

    Kd kobe and kawahi are the only ones to shut down lebron just ask lebron how he likes to play against those ballers kevin durant is the greatest of all time bro better than mj

  56. Harold Peagler

    Harold PeaglerPred 22 dnevi

    And he was on KOBE team

  57. Wesley Jolla

    Wesley JollaPred 22 dnevi

    Golden State warriors should have given him the first float in the parade

  58. steven jones

    steven jonesPred 22 dnevi

    Wait didn't Carmelo win player of the year in 2003 as a freshmen?

  59. kevdude

    kevdudePred 22 dnevi

    Does anyone know how the teams were picked and where I can find the full rosters of each team? I remember this game but all I remember was the hype about Kobe vs. Lebron, and all the things I'm finding now are focused on that and nothing about the rest of the team or how the coaches decided on the teams.

  60. Goat Reacts

    Goat ReactsPred 23 dnevi

    Kobe said He is 7 foot me. That says alot.

  61. Exhibit Productions

    Exhibit ProductionsPred 23 dnevi

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  62. Kai TheeeGuy

    Kai TheeeGuyPred 23 dnevi

    And still went 2nd pick😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  63. Mici Boo

    Mici BooPred 23 dnevi

    Soon Serbians take over the whole league anyhow

  64. Roger Nguy

    Roger NguyPred 23 dnevi


  65. Mici Boo

    Mici BooPred 23 dnevi

    Remember when USA has beat USA?

  66. jsn23nc

    jsn23ncPred 23 dnevi

    You had plenty of players back then that could handle the rock and shoot. Durant just had so much potential with his height.

  67. DĘmon ßaßy

    DĘmon ßaßyPred 20 dnevi

    No there were not a lot of players like that

  68. Million Mekonnen

    Million MekonnenPred 24 dnevi

    I never knew KD was like that. Interesting

  69. Itellitlikeitisfkurfeelins

    ItellitlikeitisfkurfeelinsPred 24 dnevi

    Queen james aka Lebronze....Jordan the undisputed GOAT all golds 6-0

  70. Evelyn Brownhm

    Evelyn BrownhmPred 24 dnevi

    The rightful drill fascinatingly complete because smoke perioperatively dry amidst a complete wallaby. deranged, sleepy doubt

  71. emil toutou

    emil toutouPred 24 dnevi

    I never like that Lebron,I’m sorry I meant CABRON

  72. icedd king

    icedd kingPred 24 dnevi

    durant always been better than lebron since his first day in the leauge

  73. Ashamed American

    Ashamed AmericanPred 24 dnevi

    Lebron had to be mentioned no matter what.

  74. muhd ashraf abas

    muhd ashraf abasPred 25 dnevi

    If Denis schroeder stay in atlanta hawks, I think things might be different..

  75. Micah Ivey

    Micah IveyPred 25 dnevi

    KD been living rent free in Lebrons head forever lmao

  76. Walter Sanders

    Walter SandersPred 25 dnevi

    Love your analysis Bro!

  77. Tiffany Russell

    Tiffany RussellPred 25 dnevi

    Talk about my Hawks!! 🖕🏾🖕🏽🖕🏽

  78. Va Swift

    Va SwiftPred 25 dnevi

    No offense to the vid but most of the elite players today would and HAVE gave certified players work when their were 18. Before and after KD.. Look at Lemelo now at only 19.. In REAL NBA games. Doing big work..

  79. Junaid Hashami

    Junaid HashamiPred 26 dnevi

    Rashard Lewis? Peja Stojakavic?

  80. Francis Limgenco

    Francis LimgencoPred 26 dnevi

    Pretty sure teams weren’t rethinking their priorities before the 2007 draft because of Durant. If they were, Oden would not have gone first.

  81. Coleman Jeter

    Coleman JeterPred 26 dnevi

    People hate on him for the golden state bs but let's be honest your supposed to work smarter not harder anyway so KD did what others should have done

  82. Ricky Bennett

    Ricky BennettPred 26 dnevi

    This how I feel when I play varsity 👀😭

  83. theReal JayZ

    theReal JayZPred 26 dnevi

    Why is Steve Nash playing for team USA ?

  84. Maurice Martin

    Maurice MartinPred 27 dnevi

    Up who is that under dirk is that bosh????

  85. My Way

    My WayPred 27 dnevi

    Andre Blache wasn't Durant nice but he got a raw deal for being big and can shoot

  86. My Way

    My WayPred 27 dnevi

    Bates will be in a game like this very soon

  87. My Way

    My WayPred 27 dnevi

    Basketball is not that hard it's just hard work and he didn't wake up at 18 and say he was going to be great he changed the cards in his hand by working his ass off on and most importantly off the court....

  88. less talk

    less talkPred 27 dnevi

    Durant is easily the best player in the league

  89. Renz Marrion Delim

    Renz Marrion DelimPred 27 dnevi

    I think USA team is preparing for the 2008 Olympics here. The host of this video got it wrong when he said they are preparing for the World Cup.

  90. Braxton Andrews

    Braxton AndrewsPred 28 dnevi

    Coulda had a helluva legacy if he wouldn’t have puss’d out and join back to back mvp 73 win team

  91. Brandon Ellis

    Brandon EllisPred 28 dnevi

    Lebron dont have have that

  92. Charles Scott

    Charles ScottPred 28 dnevi

    When Mike Miller had 21 points

  93. Laurice Heard

    Laurice HeardPred 28 dnevi

    Why didn't he skip college

  94. Shayne Williams

    Shayne WilliamsPred 28 dnevi

    Just have to say pause for the statement at 9:35 LOL

  95. Ousman Diallo

    Ousman DialloPred 28 dnevi

    Maryland has the most fundamental sound basketball players then any other states including New York.

  96. pancon5

    pancon5Pred 28 dnevi

    He should've been in the '08 Olympics roster too! Great vid!

  97. A Circus Called Earth

    A Circus Called EarthPred 28 dnevi

    when kevin use to brush his hair

  98. Waneright Hodge

    Waneright HodgePred 27 dnevi

    Lol 😆 good good one

  99. Ejiro

    EjiroPred 28 dnevi

    Bro d wade was the shit also, where he at

  100. lukasalihein

    lukasaliheinPred 29 dnevi

    LOL at shorts so big it looks like they're wearing dresses

  101. Nick the friendly borg

    Nick the friendly borgPred 29 dnevi

    the fiba world champs was in 06 where usa lost to Greece.this was probably to prepare for next years Olympics in Beijing

  102. Kia Edalati

    Kia EdalatiPred 29 dnevi

    Your voice is iconic

  103. N1K 5m1Th

    N1K 5m1ThPred 29 dnevi