When A 17 Year Old Luka Doncic Had To Guard MVP Westbrook

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  1. brrr

    brrrPred uro

    shouldnt curry be in that hall of fame too? 46 points

  2. Zachary Suttle

    Zachary SuttlePred 3 urami

    Really good job

  3. Ragnarice

    RagnaricePred 6 urami

    Why is AI celebrating that hard after beating kid booker?

  4. anthony Phung

    anthony PhungPred 10 urami

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  5. Andrew Last Name

    Andrew Last NamePred dnevom

    0:47 Travel much? Lol

  6. Zzmurfen boi

    Zzmurfen boiPred 3 dnevi

    5:22 Martians with the death beam pointed at earth

  7. Dan B

    Dan BPred 3 dnevi

    I dont watch basketball, but have subbed to this channel a long time ago. Good, good content

  8. D O

    D OPred 5 dnevi

    Luca is def. Has smooth movement and so fluid by the scoring play, I love that kinda play and he's quite fundamental player which I like so much

  9. Rihoko O’Bara

    Rihoko O’BaraPred 6 dnevi

    that’s kinda scary doe

  10. Zachary Stowe

    Zachary StowePred 6 dnevi

    2021 Luke dontae won mvp

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    Mitch’s True GamingPred 6 dnevi

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  12. Sport Fever

    Sport FeverPred 9 dnevi

    so 4 min of this video is about luka, alright then

  13. oh ok

    oh okPred 9 dnevi

    Uh? Good video, but kinda all over the place. You highlighted 3 young players who "torched" old vets? Ok then 🤷 Maybe the vets were told that the defensive scheme was to allow the kids to carry their team and see if they buckled under pressure.

  14. Isiah Francisco

    Isiah FranciscoPred 10 dnevi

    Omg meme sound hahaha

  15. Loch McRae

    Loch McRaePred 10 dnevi

    3:31 Cuban spotted

  16. Aj Daley

    Aj DaleyPred 10 dnevi


  17. BURAK Y

    BURAK YPred 11 dnevi

    Luka was not a high school player. He was playing in Euroleague with Real Madrid.

  18. Rareclipse23

    Rareclipse23Pred 11 dnevi

    idc, remember his age

  19. Tanner Dunn

    Tanner DunnPred 11 dnevi

    LuKas Real Madrid vs Westbrook’s okc was history

  20. UniFow

    UniFowPred 11 dnevi

    Flight will come next to the NBA and snag 40 pts on curry

  21. Bruno Santiago

    Bruno SantiagoPred 12 dnevi

    Anyone noticed how there's always at least one scream when the player is make a point? Whether it's a shoot, a dunk, a lay-up... Doesn't matter 😅😂

  22. Fusion

    FusionPred 12 dnevi

    Luka Doncic is good but I don’t think he’s better than KD

  23. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuPred 13 dnevi


  24. Blap

    BlapPred 13 dnevi

    He looks so much different now

  25. Chirag Lohia

    Chirag LohiaPred 15 dnevi

    “I torched Russell Westbrook Hall Of Fame”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Charlie U

    Charlie UPred 15 dnevi

    Booker isn’t outplaying Iggy. They have different roles for their teams. You think Booker would be the same player he is if he played for the Warriors?

  27. Jeff Brossard

    Jeff BrossardPred 16 dnevi

    I thought white men couldn't jump?

  28. Dusan Zubic

    Dusan ZubicPred 16 dnevi

    I use crypt V + even when I sleep! Cоme see me tо watch the latest videо. But my account's а wаy out.

  29. Jaleel DnO

    Jaleel DnOPred 17 dnevi

    4:05 I love how Jodie Meeks was included here😂😂

  30. ImMvrco

    ImMvrcoPred 18 dnevi

    Is that mark cuban at 3:32

  31. JQFaust

    JQFaustPred 20 dnevi

    *When you spend time in the hyperbolic timechamber*

  32. Funk it!

    Funk it!Pred 20 dnevi

    cool examples. i also remembering Dirk Nowitzki facing of with Charles Barkley back then before Dirk made it to the NBA.

  33. Dan Baker

    Dan BakerPred 21 dnevom

    you should add the mj vs michael finely 1on1 game from when fin was in high school.

  34. Jim Smith

    Jim SmithPred 23 dnevi

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  35. The3pleThreat

    The3pleThreatPred 23 dnevi

    Iggy Booker doesn't make any sense. By the time Booker was in the League, Iggy was essentially a role player coming off the bench with Clay, Steph and Draymond on the team, and Booker was the face of the franchise playing 40 mins a night with the green light on. Crazy..

  36. Un-Taim Music

    Un-Taim MusicPred 23 dnevi

    good vid brother

  37. Efe P

    Efe PPred 27 dnevi

    wtf is the point of this video

  38. Yanis Agodor

    Yanis AgodorPred 28 dnevi

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  39. patrick roland

    patrick rolandPred 29 dnevi

    I see luka’s game and think to myself melo could play like this if given real opportunity.

  40. Black Dot

    Black DotPred mesecem

    westbrook is already skillcapped. while luka is still leveling.

  41. ✯RedStar✯ Graal

    ✯RedStar✯ GraalPred mesecem

    Damn Luka Is 17?. In a nBA

  42. circaNINETWO

    circaNINETWOPred mesecem

    Doncic is a bad bad man.

  43. Brady_Bear_ 2

    Brady_Bear_ 2Pred mesecem

    I forgot thats even a name. Wheres the "I Torched MJ for the 2nd time

  44. deiondre0

    deiondre0Pred mesecem

    where is that list on 4:04 from? Its missing Steph 46 point game with the crazy game winner

  45. Michael Surowicz

    Michael SurowiczPred mesecem

    Luka is already the best player in the league, and will be for years to come.

  46. Jay Warrier

    Jay WarrierPred mesecem

    4:03 wheres steph curry's half court game winner in 2016?

  47. Arnamo

    ArnamoPred mesecem

    Im just sitting here wondering how those kids came up playing against nba superstars at such a joung age lol

  48. Alain Gonzalez

    Alain GonzalezPred mesecem

    Westbrook is the worst superstar ever

  49. Supremo

    SupremoPred mesecem

    At always until nexttime! ❣️❣️

  50. sujon khan

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  51. TheCleanCutChris

    TheCleanCutChrisPred mesecem

    I just want to add that of course booker would have more points given igoudalas role within the nba by time booker came along versus if iggy was the 1st or 2nd option like what he was in Philly.

  52. G Cole

    G ColePred mesecem

    Didn’t deserve mvp

  53. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuPred mesecem


  54. ΛεκέςΔαιμόνιος

    ΛεκέςΔαιμόνιοςPred mesecem

    Thought this video was for Luka...

  55. Berry Culpepper

    Berry CulpepperPred mesecem

    Luka still can't guard anybody

  56. ZooM_ STORM

    ZooM_ STORMPred mesecem

    He’s referring to me

  57. Keanu James

    Keanu JamesPred mesecem

    Wow monta ellis. He can kill westbrook

  58. Armanni Dominguez

    Armanni DominguezPred mesecem

    Luka is a great player but Westbrook barely guarded him so this video means nothing

  59. Wade Veillon

    Wade VeillonPred mesecem

    This felt like a forced narrative. Your title should essentially act as a thesis statement; otherwise, the viewers feel cheated. The premise could have been interesting if you framed it in the relevant way.

  60. hasan lazada

    hasan lazadaPred mesecem

    pls support 😄

  61. Terry Rose

    Terry RosePred mesecem

    Holy fucking Christ, how many steps do they allow once you pick up the ball in the NBA now?!?! Does traveling or carrying rules even exist anymore, or are they just never called in games now? I can tell you that 3, 4, and even 5 steps are one of the most common things you can literally see multiple times in Every NBA game nowadays, multiple times without even watching that closely.

  62. chrome scale

    chrome scalePred mesecem

    lol devin booker is in his prime while iguodala is old lol

  63. Crimson Bot

    Crimson BotPred mesecem

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  64. Πανος Θεοδωροπουλος

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    Where is the graph? 😜

  65. gradhito

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    This is a really nice piece fam. Respect

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  67. Brian K

    Brian KPred mesecem

    These stats are getting wild

  68. Thomas Lisi

    Thomas LisiPred mesecem

    I want IGUODALA...

  69. Milan Nikolić

    Milan NikolićPred mesecem

    Prime Doncic > Prime Westbrook

  70. TSIKA

    TSIKAPred mesecem

    Just imagine...Suns could have had both Book and Luka. Instead we are stuck with the bust Ayton. smh

  71. Numbo

    NumboPred mesecem

    Imagine guarding Westbrook at 17...

  72. jonathan hilliard

    jonathan hilliardPred mesecem

    You should go watch the film that you put up and the even the game. Westbrook wasn’t guarding Doncic. 😂

  73. Diego Velazquez

    Diego VelazquezPred mesecem

    Why would Westbrook being guarding a role player(at the time) ? Lol

  74. Om Mudgal

    Om MudgalPred mesecem

    Why does he scream every time he lays up

  75. Liam Brown

    Liam BrownPred mesecem

    2:50 I thought luka was bouta pull the air guitar green animation from 2k😭😂

  76. ryan ryan

    ryan ryanPred mesecem


  77. Derrick Dedeaux

    Derrick DedeauxPred mesecem

    We went 21-9 my senior year. Played against Devin Booker at Miss Point as our cities are neighboring. They won 75-52, and Booker had 59. We all knew he was extremely different. You can tell when someone is possibly league bound, and you can tell when someone is GOING TO BE A STAR.

  78. Powerful Wiseman

    Powerful WisemanPred mesecem

    Chill out u making far reaches smh

  79. JImim jiasdjfid

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  80. Connor Gjertson

    Connor GjertsonPred mesecem

    westbrook was only gaurding him on 2 clips in the whole video

  81. Xavier Davies

    Xavier DaviesPred mesecem

    Love from AUS :)

  82. melo

    meloPred mesecem

    trashy video

  83. Mahan Gholami

    Mahan GholamiPred mesecem

    u made d rose vid and i never forget that💔

  84. stez

    stezPred mesecem

    I’m 17 eating hot chips on my bed watching your videos lolz

  85. diego armando

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  86. Turk

    TurkPred mesecem

    Iguadala is 100 years old now so this aint the same as Luka/Westbook

  87. Brodie Medders

    Brodie MeddersPred mesecem

    That kid in the Luka jersey piss anybody else off? Lol

  88. Laura Koester

    Laura KoesterPred mesecem

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  90. Noman Ghiasy

    Noman GhiasyPred mesecem

    Curry literally have torched Westbrook multiple times bit nice fake chart u got there.

  91. Diego Velazquez

    Diego VelazquezPred mesecem

    Westbrook had also torched curry lol. Oh that’s right, curry doesn’t even guard Westbrook . They send Klay and iggy to guard him while Curry is guarding Robertson lol.

  92. Noman Ghiasy

    Noman GhiasyPred mesecem

    The chart is not accurate, where’s Curry 56 points?

  93. EYo 295

    EYo 295Pred mesecem

    Now Luka is Russel Westbrook in terms of stat lines. SO MANY TRIPLE DOUBLES

  94. Brian Retriss

    Brian RetrissPred mesecem

    3:32 hey i see you back there

  95. theReal JayZ

    theReal JayZPred mesecem

    Trae Young is massively overrated

  96. Sakino Mura

    Sakino MuraPred mesecem

    It is actually more about Paul George/other Russ teammates being exposed by Luka. There's nothing about Westbrook at all.

  97. Danny Lones

    Danny LonesPred mesecem

    title: doncic half video: booker me: 🗿 hotel: Trivago

  98. troubauk

    troubaukPred mesecem

    not Luca, but many young players have a very childish style of shooting. Even if they make it, it looks as if they play at their backyard, uninspiring

  99. Reniel Perito

    Reniel PeritoPred mesecem

    Legit Playmaker/Scorer VS Stat Padder..Hilarious🤣

  100. Sander Palu

    Sander PaluPred mesecem

    I am an Iggy fan, but still, isn't it weird to compare Booker and Iggy? One is main scoring option for a team, other comes off the bench and has more defensive duties than offensive.

  101. Avery

    AveryPred mesecem

    Westbrook was the MVP of stat chasing.

  102. Macchi-san

    Macchi-sanPred mesecem

    The "I torched Russel Westbrook" Hall of Fame though.

  103. LittleFlairTee - Etsy Tshirt Store

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    *Dave Chappelle voice* "He's getting stronger."

  104. Brandon Hinrichs

    Brandon HinrichsPred mesecem

    Does Luka scream "IN" every time he shoots? Lol