Using Numbers To Find The Most Difficult NBA Championship Ever Won

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  1. Jesse Ventura

    Jesse VenturaPred 30 minutami

    Another hater......So you wouldn’t take the pandemic in racial justice in consideration you should delete this video.

  2. Matt Savoy

    Matt SavoyPred 45 minutami

    The numbers don't lie. This is the best and only way to compare rings

  3. Ligiday Kurin

    Ligiday KurinPred 2 urami

    This is one of the reasons why MJ is far better tha james bcoz those 6-0 nba finals records are not a walk in the park.Those were tough grueling battles where most teams are equally good,while most of james title wins were a product of his super teams vs weaker teams

  4. Sanin Radoncic

    Sanin RadoncicPred 6 urami

    and Hakeem swept Shaq that year so this is not making sense

  5. Sanin Radoncic

    Sanin RadoncicPred 6 urami

    How is coming back from a 3-1 lead not the hardest championship ever???????????

  6. SORTE

    SORTEPred 6 urami

    Miami beat that bucks team with a grade of 9. Something... that was not an easy thing to do I give my props to bron

  7. Lahcsap

    LahcsapPred 8 urami

    5:52 to all the LeBron haters 😎

  8. DreDaDon__

    DreDaDon__Pred 8 urami

    So Kobe had 3 of the 5 hardest runs to the NBA finals....interesting you may continue

  9. Mark Hrishka

    Mark HrishkaPred 12 urami

    As a sixers fan seeing the 2001 Lakers as the 2nd hardest path bothers me.. I just wish we somehow won so AI would have a ring

  10. Waffle Wagon

    Waffle WagonPred 15 urami

    We gonna just gloss over how Olajuwon, Drexler, and the 95 Rockets won the hardest fought ring of the last 37 years??? Ok.

  11. Nathaniel Edward Lovino

    Nathaniel Edward LovinoPred 18 urami

    8:26 Slap that to LeBron's haters😆

  12. Manuel Gutierrez

    Manuel GutierrezPred dnevom

    Lakers went 15-1 2001 season. They only beat Portland 3 times (best of 5). It wasn’t until 2003 that the first round went to best of 7.

  13. Traveeyo

    TraveeyoPred dnevom

    The early 2000’s is the most defensive era in basketball. A 20ppg scorer means much more then than now

  14. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy AsdentPred dnevom

    The quizzical degree constitutively tumble because puma holoprosencephaly rejoice versus a zonked rest. voiceless, uptight brian

  15. Soane Langi

    Soane LangiPred dnevom

    It is always assuring to know that Kobe Bryant is the greatest of all time #BlackMambaOut!!

  16. Tylor Daniel

    Tylor DanielPred dnevom

    i disagree. Danny Green’s rings shine a little less bright than everyone else’s

  17. MixDatSalt

    MixDatSaltPred dnevom

    It's a very light ring due to no home/away games and them winning the lottery with getting to face trash teams but IT IS NOT AN ASTERISK. I can't stand it when people say that lol Doesn't matter anyway because the Cavs win over GSW was one of the heaviest.

  18. soup bobber

    soup bobberPred dnevom

    Bad math. SRS automatically increases with expansion. That math is automatic. Top teams now have watered down teams to beat. Also the East during the eighties were brutal. The more balanced the division the lower the SRS. You can see that math, right? The Lakers walked to the finals, all but one year, in an incredibly soft West but then faced an actual tough opponent. In the 90's Jordan drove everybody out of the East, even Shaq, and then faced a tougher Western opponent. That led to the Lakers having tougher opponents in the West than in the finals. That plus the expansion of the league throughout the previous decade watering the league down. The only truths about that chart is the Rockets had a tough title and Lebron had easy titles. Sociology often has bad math as it has too many variables and the league changed to much from one era to another.

  19. Daniel

    DanielPred dnevom

    Those Laker runs weren't easy. I'm not shocked but i'm surprised. Kinda shows how good Kobe, Shaq and that team was

  20. Sander Östergaard

    Sander ÖstergaardPred dnevom

    Kobe and Shaqs Lakers wha unstoppable

  21. Andrew Lin

    Andrew LinPred dnevom

    Dallas 2011 was special

  22. Ethan L

    Ethan LPred dnevom

    Dang I thought you were going to discuss the hardest ring year, it seemed like it’d be a wild story.

  23. Aye Ø

    Aye ØPred 2 dnevi

    yo, legit great video bro, loved the way you ended it

  24. Vic Oladipo

    Vic OladipoPred 2 dnevi

    Rockets sixth seed to glory damn

  25. Stephen A Smith

    Stephen A SmithPred 2 dnevi

    Kobe and shaq officially better than magic and Kareem

  26. Marcus J

    Marcus JPred 2 dnevi

    You can’t base this off numbers. Point blank

  27. Pearson Biggs

    Pearson BiggsPred 2 dnevi

    Amazing video 💯

  28. Wolfliondog 17

    Wolfliondog 17Pred 2 dnevi

    isn’t that how being the 1st seed works

  29. Mark David Mallorca

    Mark David MallorcaPred 2 dnevi

    Then Bronsexuals put all credit to LeBRON, “He did all the carry”. Huh tf?! AD was the 1st Option last year and carried them from Regular Season to 1st round till WCF with way better stats then Lebron selfish wanna take 1st opt to get FMVP to varnish his tainted legacy.

  30. paysonfox88

    paysonfox88Pred 2 dnevi

    The 2000 and 2001 Lakers had the hardest championship runs I've ever seen. one of those teams which only won 56 games in regular season because they were coasting, had to go through 3 50 win teams to get their championship. I think the Lakers may actually have had to go through every round of that playoffs facing a 50 plus win team.

  31. Raju Kumar Gupta

    Raju Kumar GuptaPred 2 dnevi

    How about calculating the SRS from the games only inside the bubble? Because comparing the incomplete 2020 seasons versus Full season doesn't give a complete picture. With almost everyone out of shape, due to the gap in playing, I think the SRS would be lesser than 7.46

  32. Dexn Socius

    Dexn SociusPred 2 dnevi

    it is completely flawed


    SANJI VINSMOKEPred 2 dnevi

    You should take the difference of Champs SRS and their Opp SRS the tougher team ofc will undoubtly have easier time facing teams

  34. Fish3yy

    Fish3yyPred 2 dnevi

    Nope only rings matter Robert horry better than mj and bron

  35. Might King

    Might KingPred 2 dnevi

    me: ohh i wonder how this will play out him: it doesnt matter me:

  36. Aris Talion

    Aris TalionPred 2 dnevi

    A not bias basketball fan u should replace nick wright as an analyst!

  37. The Basketball G.O.A.T

    The Basketball G.O.A.TPred 2 dnevi

    Houston's 1995 Chip is the hardest ever one.

  38. Oscar Schoenmaker

    Oscar SchoenmakerPred 2 dnevi

    How come 2000 is in the 2000’s category but 2020 is in the 2010’s category

  39. Oscar Schoenmaker

    Oscar SchoenmakerPred dnevom

    @xinc but the 2000 season is 1999-2000 so surely that would be in the 1990’s category

  40. xinc

    xincPred dnevom

    Cause it was the 2019-2020 season

  41. Jeric Nuguit

    Jeric NuguitPred 3 dnevi

    A ring is a ring

  42. Gareth Keenan

    Gareth KeenanPred 3 dnevi

    SRS is flawed. Theoretically you could have a 4-game sweep and have an SRS of 2.0 and you could win a 7-game series with an SRS of 10.0. Any sane human being would pick the sweep as the more dominant win. The Lakers 16-1 playoff record proves how flawed it is.

  43. darrius williams

    darrius williamsPred 3 dnevi

    There is a lot of bad correlations and bad math here

  44. E J

    E JPred 3 dnevi

    This is maaaad interesting. Good shit!!

  45. Geovanni Gonzalez

    Geovanni GonzalezPred 3 dnevi

    I understand it’s one of the easiest paths to the finals based on opponents but I don’t think you can fault them because the other good playoff teams like the the clippers and the bucks lost to those weaker opponents while the lakers sustained all the way.

  46. 87crimson

    87crimsonPred 3 dnevi

    The Spurs would have been in like 15 NBA finals on the last 20 years if they were an eastern conference team.

  47. Slayerof Thhots

    Slayerof ThhotsPred 3 dnevi

    Tbh i thought dirks ring was the hardest kobe okc miami...

  48. Jai Ariate

    Jai AriatePred 3 dnevi

    "The Mickey Mouse Rec League Championship" XD I remember Shaq talks big about championships w/ asterisks, cuz the 2002 NBA Championship should have it, everyone knows the WCF was rigged in favour of the Lakers (vs the Kings), and that's a much easier title (vs Nets) to win than the 2020 championship.

  49. Tnk4me

    Tnk4mePred 3 dnevi

    If the 04 pistons didn't meet the that stacked Lakers team in the finals what would their championship run look like in terms of difficulty?

  50. Bogdan Kenon

    Bogdan KenonPred 3 dnevi

    So 2 of 4 lebron wins are 3 th and 4 th easiest

  51. LochNLoaded

    LochNLoadedPred 3 dnevi

    Surprised to see the 2013 heat so low I mean they barely scrapped a finals title

  52. kyle espinosa

    kyle espinosaPred 4 dnevi

    That's why the mamba is better !!!!!

  53. ii Pxpmaz

    ii PxpmazPred 4 dnevi

    It depends on what team you have so that should have an effect on it

  54. Maxwell Grant

    Maxwell GrantPred 5 dnevi

    The completely negates the fact that the nba was expanded, teams that were trying to get a title locked like the bulls/pistons/ lakers/ Celtics had there stars locked down on contract. The league was being watered down and this lead to a number disproportionate number of good teams with good records. Plus now with the basketball being a world sport there are so many more talent to choose from and all teams will be closer and the bench will be closer to the starters. Year to year context is forgotten

  55. Kay Weapons

    Kay WeaponsPred 7 dnevi

    There is a flaw in srs. It doesn't take into account injuries in the playoffs for example Kawhi's injury in 2016.

  56. Deonte Anderson

    Deonte AndersonPred 8 dnevi

    2011 Mavs or def one of the Jordan rings

  57. amir ghazi

    amir ghaziPred 8 dnevi

    Not a fair indicator. The srs based on the regular season. Most vet teams are a different team during the offseason

  58. Do re mi Fa so la si

    Do re mi Fa so la siPred 9 dnevi

    Lebron is such a fraud

  59. Keen M

    Keen MPred 11 dnevi

    LMAO Lebron ain’t no Goat

  60. Harlequin

    HarlequinPred 11 dnevi

    Doesn't the IRS have to change when a team pulls an upset against another team with a higher IRS? Or is that already accounted for?

  61. Tra Guy

    Tra GuyPred 12 dnevi

    2:22 Magic have to go through Bad Boy Pistons ; Larry Bird Celtics ; Dr J Sixers ; George Gervin / Artis Gilmore Spurs ; Hakeem Olajuwon Rockets how the fuck its 5 easiest ring like this system is in some crack Also how the fuck 2012 Heat have higher SRS when 2013 have to go through much more difficult opponents like 2013 Paul George Pacere and Spurs Like this system is wack

  62. Melvin jay Dela Cruz

    Melvin jay Dela CruzPred 12 dnevi

    Different rules is different rules

  63. junior ochoa

    junior ochoaPred 14 dnevi

    Lebron is starting to get real annoying. Like that kid in school that tries to prove hes hard every day and chickens out on the first real test.

  64. junior ochoa

    junior ochoaPred 14 dnevi

    That 2020 championship is a joke

  65. Satisfya Creation

    Satisfya CreationPred 16 dnevi

    And I thought LeBron was better than Kobe. I have just started to watch NBA from 2020 that's the reason why I don't know much about it so don't get offended

  66. Limber Clan

    Limber ClanPred 16 dnevi

    I love stats like this, even though they are flawed, kinda like the Value Over replacement Stat that has lebron at number 1, they tell another perspective. Don't use it to destroy legacies. Like Jxmy said man it doesn't remove the greatness magic or bird had or Lebron has.

  67. Mehmet Eren Celik

    Mehmet Eren CelikPred 18 dnevi

    Lmao. The most important thing this statistic ignores is how good the championship teams are. For example, 2018 Cavs made it to the finals with 0.59 srs, so every team it defeated has surpassed itself. However, let's look at the 2018 GSW, they have more srs scores than any of the teams they beat, which means that even if the teams they beat were better than the Cavs defeated in 2018, the road to the final was easier for them. So this statistic doesn't mean much because it just focuses on the strength of the opponents and ignores how well the winning team is.

  68. D Rose

    D RosePred 20 dnevi

    Love how kawhi lead spurs and raptors while they were the 8 and 11 hardest but people still wanna hate on him

  69. Fernando Enriquez

    Fernando EnriquezPred 20 dnevi

    So kobe is greater than bron but less than mj

  70. Siddhant Bhagat

    Siddhant BhagatPred 20 dnevi

    Stat Nerd? Buckle up... Lakers 2020 playoff run. So, First Round with Portland is inevitable = - 0.61 Houston was indeed better than OKC giving = +3.13 Only Conf Finals and League Finals were messed up. Scenario 1: Best SRS route From West : Clippers actually beat Nuggets and face Lakers in Final = +6.66 From East : Bucks beat Heat and Celtics then meet Lakers in Finals= +9.41 Best from west=9.18 Total=9.18+9.41=[18.59] Scenario 2: Raptors beat Celtic in conf Semi. Raptors beat Heat in conf Finals. Clippers face Lakers in conf Finals=6.66 Raptors face Lakers in Finals=5.97 Total=9.18+5.97= [15.15] Scenario 3: If Clippers made it to Conf. If Celtics made it to league Finals. Total=9.18+5.83= [15.01] Scenario X: If Clippers made it to Conf. If Heat made it to league Finals Total=9.18+2.59=[11.77] Scenario 4: If Nuggets in conf Final Bucks in League Finals Total=4.87+9.41=[14.28] Scenario 5: If Nuggets in conf Final Raptors in League Finals Total=4.87+5.97=[10.84] Scenario 6: Nuggets in Conf Finals. Celtics beat Heat in conf Finals Celtics in league finals=5.83 Total=4.87+5.83=[10.7] My Analysis and Views : Comparing Scenarios with 37 others: Scenario 1 [18.59] ranks 6th All time Scenario 2 [15.15] ranks 19th Scenario 3 [15.01] ranks 19th Scenario 4 [14.28] ranks 19th Scenario X [11.77] ranks 26th Scenario 5 [10.84] ranks 28th Scenario 6 [10.7] ranks 28th Actual [7.46] ranks 35th Scenario 1 This Shows it had to be Bucks and Clippers to be the ultimate and penultimate matches and it would have been one of the toughest and best. Scenario 2-4 It shows that it has to be both Clippers and Bucks without Heat being in Final , either of them without heat into Finals would result in 19th best all time which is still great. Scenario X Having the best west but facing heat in Finals. Shows the SRS damage caused by heat with clippers showing up at conf Finals. Scenario 5-6 If Raptors or Celtics would've stepped up, it would not have been last 3rd(35th) rather atleast(28th) but still not quite great. Good enough. Now, I'd like to blame Clippers Bucks & Heat Nuggets. Even Celtics would've boosted Lakers SRS. But Miami Heat only contributed (2.59) while they beat Bucks (9.41) in conf semi and Celtics (5.83) conf finals Also in the west Lakers had Rockets (3.13) in Conf semi then meet Nuggets (2.35) at Conf finals instead of Clippers (6.66) (Nuggets 4-3 Clippers in conf semi). Funny part is Clippers+Celtics > Nuggets Bucks. So Nuggets did the damage too. (Scenario 3 vs4) This makes me ask a question the teams which beat Bucks Celtics, Clippers(by nuggets) are weak? Heat was 4-1 against Bucks and 4-2 against Celtics. I checked 2000-01 Season. LAL 2nd in West 3.74 Spurs 1st in West 7.92 OK Kings 3rd in West 6.07 Wow PTB 7th in West 4.52 Insane There must be disparity between the top teams and bottom teams for higher SRSs. Does averaging a better margin makes a team better?

  71. Joe Penrod

    Joe PenrodPred 20 dnevi

    HOLD UP! So Kobe/Shaq is the best team but the Pistons sweeping them is one of the worst?!? And somehow, the 99 Spurs played in the one year where the NBA must have swapped out all of their players for bums?

  72. jefferson cristobal

    jefferson cristobalPred 21 dnevom

    it's like a pickup basketball championship

  73. Red King

    Red KingPred 22 dnevi

    The 2013 heather 34th but they weren’t even that favorites crazy

  74. Felix Ortiz

    Felix OrtizPred 23 dnevi

    This is flawedddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yu aint take into affected the difficulty of the bubble and mental

  75. Craig Shepherd

    Craig ShepherdPred 23 dnevi

    u know why the "goat" gets talked about stilll and soo much... because we came across the only player in history, stupid enough to self proclaim himself that(lecon); while other nba players, pay respect to everyone else and their different eras and position they played...lecon likes to rile everything up... violence...self loathing... conspiracy...hate...china can have him...he belongs there more than he does in the usa

  76. Edy boy Lopez

    Edy boy LopezPred mesecem

    Its difficult today because they need acting skills for flopping 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. meech RYLES

    meech RYLESPred mesecem

    Difference between Bron and Jordan nobody else ate when Jordan was winning championships but Bron alot ppl ate off his plate Bron great player

  78. Jeffrey Chen

    Jeffrey ChenPred mesecem

    #1 was 95 rockets. beat 55+ win teams, coming back 3-1 vs the suns. sweeping Shaq's magic. Now THAT's an impresive run.

  79. Mr.Sloppy Toppy

    Mr.Sloppy ToppyPred mesecem

    They all shine just as bright Kevin: ye what he said

  80. BallerBoy

    BallerBoyPred mesecem

    Stats aren't everything, so take these numbers with a grain of salt

  81. Brandon Silva

    Brandon SilvaPred mesecem

    This SRS stat is kinda bogus. It doesnt matter how good a team is statistically, it matters how good they are when they step on the court. Also, i'd argue that the 2020 championship was one of the HARDEST of all time. They had to play through a PANDEMIC, people. They couldnt see their families, or go about normal daily lives for about/over 100 days, thats not easy. And people seem to act like the games were played in Staples Centre or something, acting like this was easier for the Lakers than everyone else. I dont even like the Lakers, but i can respect what they did was fucking difficult. And lastly, i think you need to look at more than simply 2 stats when trying to determine how good a team is

  82. Lamouche hamouche

    Lamouche hamouchePred mesecem

    I want to give an example that shows the problem with this stat. The 2012 heat ranked higher than the 2013 heat however we can agree that the heat winning the title in 2013 is considered as a more significant milestone because they had to beat the Spurs in one of the most difficult ways.

  83. stephen mentze

    stephen mentzePred mesecem

    they dont shine just as bright. anything to diminish lebron is great in my book. hater you say? YES. yes yes yes. .. yes. yes... hate hate hatehate. and for no good reason i know. whatever. dont @me i'm a kings fan

  84. RarelyAccurate

    RarelyAccuratePred mesecem

    Great video, very interesting.


    NBA DYNASTYPred mesecem

    stupid metric. didnt measure the fact the players had a 5 mo lay-off before the start of playoffs. any player that plays basketball knows hw difficult it is to get back in game shape after even a short layoff. didnt measure the mental struggles players had to go thru due to social injustice n the impact of covid. players were unable to really go anywhere other than there game facility n hotel room. no fans, no actual socialising. the circumstances the players had to go thru on and off the court doesnt even come close to any other nba season in the history of the game

  86. Will G

    Will GPred mesecem

    The 90s to the 2000s would be the opposite of competitive. The fact all the teams they player had high SRS ratings means their was a big gulf in quality between the stronger and weaker teams. This measurement overall has loads of inconsistencies. The Bucks have proven to not be a great team in the playoffs, as shown by the Heat beating them pretty easily. Yet the Bucks had over double the SRS of the Heat, this alone shows the issues of the measurement.

  87. Andrew Dotson

    Andrew DotsonPred mesecem

    All I see is that Kobe is the true goat

  88. Jobert Wyn Vito

    Jobert Wyn VitoPred mesecem

    Hater spotted.. 😁

  89. Rubén Fuertes

    Rubén FuertesPred mesecem

    This method is quite unfair and wrong because the most difficult ring is the same year that MJ retired, so being considered the GOAT it has no sense it should be easier than playing against Jordan IMO...

  90. Hristijan Dimitrovski

    Hristijan DimitrovskiPred mesecem

    Thank legend for this video. Finally people should give respect to Kobe's name.


    LALA CHANPred mesecem

    Its like 2001 finals was basically 1 vs 5

  92. Ri Guy

    Ri GuyPred mesecem

    How do the Rockets in 95 have the highest SRS when they won the finals when MJ was playing baseball

  93. Cagon415

    Cagon415Pred 24 dnevi

    The west was stacked back then. The east was more top-heavy.

  94. Zooted Effect

    Zooted EffectPred mesecem

    Lakers won one of the easiest championships ever

  95. Jayden Huddleston

    Jayden HuddlestonPred mesecem

    bron needa get that infinity gauntlet

  96. Owen Schacherer

    Owen SchachererPred mesecem

    Your study is flawed. The SRS of the lakers 2020 title uses stats from before the bubble. Therefore it would be impossible to know exactly the SRS of each team in the bubble. You basically assume the bubble didn’t affect the game.

  97. Random Dude

    Random DudePred mesecem

    7:21 to 7:58 Straight fax , Here's the answer for the video

  98. J Jackson

    J JacksonPred 18 dnevi


  99. The Sordid Singer

    The Sordid SingerPred mesecem

    Yeah, the early 00’ Lakers may have 3/4 most difficult Championship runs, but they had: Shaquille O’Neal & Kobe Bryant Two of the Top 10-12 players of All-Time!!! It’s no wonder they overcame adversity!

  100. Lewis Ovens

    Lewis OvensPred mesecem

    Yes but the difficulty of opponent is also based off where you seed in the conference for that season. Some may argue it’s harder to finish top than to win the play off based upon how many games you have to win and consistently be good for. - just my opinion don’t shout at me if I’m wrong -

  101. TheSuperGuitarGuy

    TheSuperGuitarGuyPred mesecem

    2018-19was the easiest because of JR

  102. Amanuel Mogos

    Amanuel MogosPred mesecem

    1994-1995 Houston Rocket is my guess as number 1

  103. Lachie Trembath

    Lachie TrembathPred mesecem

    Do a sequel vid "USING SRS TO FIGURE OUT THE GOAT..."

  104. Cheese31V X

    Cheese31V XPred mesecem

    LeBron made it to the finals with a team that had an srs score less than 1 lmao

  105. kuhl¿

    kuhl¿Pred dnevom

    @André Walker why so pressed child

  106. Goated Productions

    Goated ProductionsPred dnevom

    @André Walker Jxmyhighroller is a bron fan too soo

  107. Adrian Ads

    Adrian AdsPred 2 dnevi

    @André Walker Source:trust me bro

  108. André Walker

    André WalkerPred 3 dnevi

    Lol you Bron fans reach so much 🤣🤣 do you really want to guess what the Srs scores are of the teams he led that team over in the east were 🤣🤣 It’s not impressive to lead a .8 team to the finals when you played a .4 .5 .6 team to get there lmfao you Bron fans have to try to make him right in every category at least the person who made the vid is the first Bron fan I’ve seen try to be unbiased and just talk hoop, the rest of y’all are just lil girls whining hoping your hero is the best literally ruining the game of basketball