NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes

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    .Pred minuto

    I feel like everybody is missing a point in this evolution of scoring. The league recently changed a rule that makes the shot clock at 14 seconds after a rebound instead of the 24. That is the real reason why we have so many high scoring games and players, its because litteraly players have more shots.

  2. Sebastian

    SebastianPred 44 minutami

    Defense still wins championships

  3. pookykev

    pookykevPred uro

    hahaha this graph made me lagh so much i swear this guy is a genius

  4. Donald Duck

    Donald DuckPred uro

    All talking ... if anybody back then could have shot the ball like steph they would have done it and put even higher numbers up but nobody could shoot like him so it is bs to say bla bla I would have done it that way bla

  5. senni bgon

    senni bgonPred uro

    Don't forget the added illegal offensive moves and "gather steps" lol 😆

  6. Willy Mak

    Willy MakPred uro

    Also tony parker was averaging those numbers on a spurs team that emphasised on teamwork . That meant he played less minutes and averaged fewer shots.

  7. Dr. Waltz

    Dr. WaltzPred 2 urami

    No defense

  8. Curtis H.

    Curtis H.Pred 3 urami

    Of course they are because everything is a foul and on the offensive side of the ball today you are wrapped in bubble wrap. With over the top acting and quick whistles it stands to reason. My take is that the players playing now averaging these high numbers would average like 6-12 a game in the previous eras when the game was tougher.

  9. senni bgon

    senni bgonPred uro

    Well done video 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  10. Da Juan

    Da JuanPred 3 urami

    Its boring to watch today's NBA. No more hard D's b'coz of the rules

  11. Keith Blucher

    Keith BlucherPred 3 urami

    Prime KD in 2011 doesn't exist bro.

  12. Jonathan Quinones

    Jonathan QuinonesPred 3 urami

    No one plays defense, pace, you get to the line easier, and the 3 ball

  13. Dennis Thornton II

    Dennis Thornton IIPred 3 urami

    I wonder what Magic, Jordan, Tracy McGrady, AI, and Baron Davis could do today?

  14. Ryan Lankford

    Ryan LankfordPred 3 urami

    hand checking is more selectively enforced giving offense free reign to do whatever the fuck they want including the double step back and euro step which were considered travels in any other era. and of course the 3 ball being so prevalent. This isn't rocket surgery. Players haven't gotten better merely the rules have changed in favor for the offense. Its really that simple.

  15. Elijah M

    Elijah MPred 4 urami

    Jxmy makes a lot of good points but scoring has always been prioritized. His bit on the salary is missing a lot tho. He salary cap has doubled in that time span with max contract spiking through the roof and been doled out more frequently. Plus, he ignores a point he made earlier: most of the dudes making a lot of threes were three point specialists. Stars didn't shoot the three the way they do now. Everyone on his current 3 pt makes list is or has been a star. That's why you're also gonna see a difference in pay.

  16. VantheMan96

    VantheMan96Pred 4 urami

    Your videos always are insane dude, feels too good to be watching it for free on SLthrow. Keep up the great work.

  17. Mahz AKA

    Mahz AKAPred 4 urami

    John Stockton broke the nba. You will never see another human play the game with such grace, intensity, passion and vision as John. The greatest basketball maestro of all time

  18. Mike Man

    Mike ManPred 4 urami

    It just shows how good the current generation is, these guys all more athletic and more skilled then any other generation, I always feel like it gets underplayed, in the 90s- early 2000s you could just be big and carve out a decent career, but now if you can’t shoot your probably gonna get cut tbh, I think defense is better then it use to be, I don’t consider fouling defense, I consider it showing you can’t do anything to stop that person, now teams switch and that’s never given enough credit, look at how they able to completely shut down ppl who can’t score from more then 1 spot

  19. khalfan junim

    khalfan junimPred 4 urami

    Of course Michael Redd would. He's Michael Redd.

  20. mario mandujano

    mario mandujanoPred 4 urami

    Fucking great video addressing everything I’ve asked myself since 2016

  21. Lamont Ross Jr.

    Lamont Ross Jr.Pred 4 urami

    No it's because everyone n the league now soft lol nobody does DEFENSE

  22. Alexander pinheiro

    Alexander pinheiroPred 4 urami

    In short the NBA is one big AAU league.

  23. Chaotic

    ChaoticPred 4 urami

    Another reason why MJ is the goat and how he would've killed this era.

  24. Tristan

    TristanPred 4 urami

    Well done video 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  25. Arthur Salazar

    Arthur SalazarPred 4 urami

    what about the 80s?? this video is pretty much a video comparing the lowest avg league pace (2000s) and now (highest pace)

  26. Omar Barq

    Omar BarqPred 4 urami

    My man curry changing the NBA🤣

  27. jestag2

    jestag2Pred 4 urami

    "Defensive intensity is at an all-time low".... I beg to disagree because the league placed all players on handcuffs with the "hand check" rule. It's amazing you were able to come up with all of these stats and analysis yet it all boils down to one simple rule change from 2005.

  28. Καπετάνιος Τζακ Σπουργιτης

    Καπετάνιος Τζακ ΣπουργιτηςPred 4 urami

    Don't know what anybody says. Nba is a soft league and a boring one. Every game is like an all-star game. It's money over real competition

  29. emmeric Rambally

    emmeric RamballyPred 5 urami

    Wilt watching this video in heaven like “what the hell my numbers would be then”😑

  30. Gadgets 2.0

    Gadgets 2.0Pred 5 urami

    I like the concept, but I don't think you can just inflate his numbers like that and expect the percentages to stay the same. Adding more volume will likely drop your shooting percentage since you're not just looking for the best shot and Tony Parker's FG% will likely be in line with those other point guards in today's era.

  31. DBizzy121991!

    DBizzy121991!Pred 5 urami

    The average score went up when they changed the shot clock rule in 2018. it gave the players more possessions and increased the tempo of the game due to having limited time to score after offensive rebounds. 24 seconds after an offensive rebound was the old rule. Compared to 14 seconds makes a huge difference in gameplay.

  32. jon smith

    jon smithPred 5 urami

    well when the rules make it almost impossible to play defense i guess so

  33. Jacob Shaw

    Jacob ShawPred 5 urami

    Gotta do that Tony Parker extrapolation for MJ need to see just how good he would be

  34. Lex Blessed

    Lex BlessedPred 5 urami

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  35. Javigar13

    Javigar13Pred 5 urami

    NBA should go back to handcheck, NBA is becoming a joke. Best games today rarely reach 100 points because of defense. Bring back the D

  36. blr rich

    blr richPred 5 urami

    Wilt would make everyone look like Krillin.

  37. n00baublitz

    n00baublitzPred 5 urami

    Here's a comment because you deserve it. Great content!

  38. katchyn

    katchynPred 5 urami

    honestly no reason to keep positions at this point

  39. J. C. C.

    J. C. C.Pred 5 urami

    Great video! Just imagine Pete Maravich now🤯

  40. Nolan Bradford

    Nolan BradfordPred 5 urami

    How did he not mention the shot clock doesn’t reset to 24 on an offensive rebound anymore ??? I personally think that’s the biggest contributing factor to the 130 point explosion 💥

  41. katchyn

    katchynPred 5 urami

    the league has to nerf 3 pointers to 2.5 pointers

  42. Max Leaver

    Max LeaverPred 5 urami

    missing the intro song ngl😓

  43. Braden Carver

    Braden CarverPred 6 urami

    I think this is my favorite video ever posted to youtube

  44. Falcon Lopez

    Falcon LopezPred 6 urami

    More of a rule enforcing period than a scoring boom

  45. Cstar Eyelids

    Cstar EyelidsPred 6 urami

    everybody called a combo guard was ahead of their time

  46. Troll King

    Troll KingPred 6 urami

    The defense is extremely horrible compared to back then. Especially against 3 pointers. It is what it is. Different game.

  47. Derek Blais

    Derek BlaisPred 6 urami

    I don't think a lot of the players today could have played (as well) against teams like the Pistons of the early-mid 90s. I mean, that kind of D looked like hockey. It was in your face, hack & slap, push, and more akin to street ball of today. Players like MJ went up against that and scored mostly 2s. Coaches told their players to keep their nails longs and better have skin under them after games. The players of now/then aren't necessarily "better." They're different because the game's rules have evolved. Refs call fouls for even landing in a shooter's landing area now. Contact isn't even necessary for a call anymore. The rules have changed, so it's easier for players to score more.

  48. Derrick Love

    Derrick LovePred 6 urami

    This was cool and i will add the reason why scoring per game is ascending is because of the change in rules. Such as the shot clock resetting at 14 instead of 24. That creates more possessions per game. Also scoring more doesn’t equate to championships. Tony Parker won more by scoring less. His comparison to Kemba, Westbrook and Trae Young proves that point.

  49. W key assault

    W key assaultPred 6 urami

    Yall still wanna say mj had more comp then lbj

  50. JJMiller11

    JJMiller11Pred 6 urami

    NBA Bubble Docu-series coming 20-????

  51. Forced to take a picture with my wifes son

    Forced to take a picture with my wifes sonPred 6 urami

    And they say jordan or wilt wouldn’t average 50

  52. Filipe Ventura

    Filipe VenturaPred 7 urami

    the joe ingles joke had me dyin

  53. DaKK

    DaKKPred 7 urami

    MJ would average 25+ in free throws alone today

  54. Mitch Jr

    Mitch JrPred 7 urami

    You can’t touch anyone. No physicality. No rim protectors. Players are allowed to flagrantly travel and carry all over the court. In combination with bad and deteriorating defensive skills, as well as effort. Perfect storm of easily putting up offensive numbers

  55. Ovando Graham

    Ovando GrahamPred 7 urami

    The players are just more gifted today. The reason the defences are worse is because there's nothing a lot of people can against these talented scorers

  56. Condy Loid

    Condy LoidPred 7 urami

    This boom has been caused by the Tesla stocks booming during lockdown - don't save, invest in crypto

  57. AboutMillions

    AboutMillionsPred 7 urami

    The NBA is a glorified open run now. These guys have a ton of skill, but no defense to challenge them. Until the playoffs when the refs relax the whistles and let them play. Hence why Harden, Giannis & others seem to disappear.

  58. ComboBreakerHD

    ComboBreakerHDPred 7 urami

    I think the Raptors are a good example of how to compensate for lagging defense. You see VanVleet leading the league in deflections/steals. Lowry leading in taking charges. The whole box and 1 that Nurse plays. The focus hasn't been on directly challenging the offense, rather, getting in the way of predictable plays. You see lots of Raps players hedging to get in passing lanes. It's a gamble every time, but it works well a lot. And one thing you notice when you watch the Raps is that leading scorers on opposing teams rarely do well against the Raps. I think the only 0 point game Embiid has had was against the Raps. Giannis hits below his stats against the Raps. Etc etc.

  59. Daniel Wulf

    Daniel WulfPred 7 urami

    What changed too is the referee's criteria.

  60. dave m

    dave mPred 7 urami

    Good video. Makes you wonder what the nba will look like in another 10 years

  61. npagonidis24

    npagonidis24Pred 7 urami


  62. Dan

    DanPred 7 urami

    Love how much credit you give to Derrick Rose by showing his highligts. This guy should always be remembered and appreciated. Having tackled injuries his 50 point game made me cry. Everyone playing basketball knows how his knees and ankles feel. He is the biggest role model in NBA. P.S. this video is a masterpiece. Not overreacting. So much quality content ... thank you!

  63. brian p ferguson

    brian p fergusonPred 7 urami

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  64. TheDCGuitar13

    TheDCGuitar13Pred 8 urami

    Defensive 3 seconds and banning hand checking all but made it impossible to defend the upgraded offensive skill players.

  65. Eudy Brand

    Eudy BrandPred 8 urami

    Imagine young Dirk Nowitzki playing in today's league

  66. TheDCGuitar13

    TheDCGuitar13Pred 8 urami

    Today’s nba is like the 60s and 70s. Fast paced 8 seconds or less ball. That’s how you had wilt average 50 in a year and russel getting 20 rebounds a game. 80s-mid2000 basketball was more set play, and slower paced basketball that needed more strategy than athletic ability whereas now it’s purely dunks and threes while mid range ajd post play is actually frowned upon.

  67. LeBeautiful James

    LeBeautiful JamesPred 8 urami

    Look at curry man changing the game of basketball so inspirational

  68. Marcus Watson

    Marcus WatsonPred 8 urami

    First thought that comes to my mind is that it used to be about only getting good shots the first 14 seconds. Now it’s just get almost any shot up as quick as possible because the other team will do the same. I wonder what the stats are for 30 point games against the Spurs the past several years because they play a more classic basketball style and in turn they must slow down the other opponents scoring as well?

  69. Mike Beats

    Mike BeatsPred 8 urami

    I wonder why hmm..🤔 NO DEFENSE! or crappy defense. Do this chart again, but with ONLY 3 Pointer scorers and see the results.

  70. Braiden B

    Braiden BPred 9 urami

    Michael redd averaged 26.7 I don’t think 4 more points is all that crazy

  71. iSpeakFacts Bruh

    iSpeakFacts BruhPred 9 urami

    Imma break it down in 3 sentences Curry and there's not lots of off-ball players in modern era...simple.

  72. D1 Tay12

    D1 Tay12Pred 9 urami

    Fun fact lebron at 21 years old in the 05-06 season averaged 31.4 ppg

  73. toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnrPred 9 urami

    The refs r also a reason they give calls for everything so players r scared to defend

  74. Dynamite DilPickle

    Dynamite DilPicklePred 9 urami

    look at 7:04 with subtitles

  75. Hansel Finn

    Hansel FinnPred 9 urami

    It's like if offense used to be a spear it's upgraded to a grenade launcher but defense is still just a shield

  76. Jack Farris

    Jack FarrisPred 9 urami

    3:57 This why Lebron the GOAT

  77. toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnrPred 9 urami

    Glad you showed my fav players TP and Manu love, Pop's system and minutes restriction doesn't always translate to statistical production

  78. Squirt

    SquirtPred 9 urami


  79. Unaverage Mouse

    Unaverage MousePred 9 urami

    This might be one of the best basketball videos on all of youtube.

  80. steven whiters

    steven whitersPred 9 urami

    I hate it lol players take so many possessions off and the “impede movement “ call is terrible however some shots people now are just silly kyrie dame curry harden

  81. Ryan Hastie

    Ryan HastiePred 10 urami

    First time i couldn't finish one of your videos..... Raja said it and you ignored it, you can't get physical on defense and that changed the game..... Players aren't better now, look at Chris Jackson playing at LSU in the 80's or pistol pete at LSU...... there have always been shooters.... Today's nba is basically Trashketball, look at how the game has changed in last few years, you can now take four step travels that the whole world can clearly see (Ewing fans remember), no calls for carrying the ball which happens every play, flopping is outrageous on both sides of the ball, every player throwing himself into defenders trying to get calls, Superstar ring chasers, no loyalty to your fan base....... i could go on. The point is that the "new" nba is a worse nba if you are real basketball fan. The Nba is for casual fans now and is just another business trying whatever they can to get your dollar. Its interesting that the rise of "player empowerment" has coincided with the league becoming such a joke for real basketball fans. All the transferring in college is slowing ruining that game as well....... Don't make videos about things that happened before you were alive and talk like you were there..... :)

  82. Brave Fart

    Brave FartPred 10 urami

    Now place a shark of a player that slayed giants in the defensive era in today's cupcake league of goldfishes..

  83. keegan murray

    keegan murrayPred 10 urami

    aye gilbert arenas a certified shooter i got him putting up beal numbers fs


    BOOK NERDPred 10 urami

    2 WORDS !! NO DEFENSE !!!

  85. miko19r

    miko19rPred 10 urami

    Players are not allowed to guard, therefore they cba to play defense anymore. Great defense is what earns championships and it has been proven year after year after year. Defense rarely rewards you a good contract so it's double the offence half he defense like D'antoni said .... in game of zone :D

  86. Billy Woods

    Billy WoodsPred 10 urami

    Bring back hand checking

  87. slimekhan

    slimekhanPred 10 urami

    It’s really cuz of the rules and fouls

  88. Bennett Dukes

    Bennett DukesPred 10 urami

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  89. J.D Manases

    J.D ManasesPred 11 urami

    NBA has become the most entertaining ever . But it’s become the softest and easiest era to ever score because of the rules. This crap wouldn’t have happened in the 90’s 80’s or 70’s. But whatever man. Enjoy the game for what it is.

  90. anthony Phung

    anthony PhungPred 11 urami

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  91. Miguel Solis

    Miguel SolisPred 11 urami

    Excellent work as always Mr. Highroller.

  92. SaiyanZ3

    SaiyanZ3Pred 11 urami

    Glad you showed my fav players TP and Manu love, Pop's system and minutes restriction doesn't always translate to statistical production

  93. Heatwave

    HeatwavePred 11 urami

    18:41 what beat is that

  94. Vexxzy

    VexxzyPred 11 urami

    Bruh if Wilt played now i think we would to just close the NBA

  95. łøv3 Yøurßełf

    łøv3 YøurßełfPred 11 urami

    Gilbert would run this decade

  96. Markus R

    Markus RPred 11 urami

    The only way to stop Nash was to hand-check the hell out of him. If he was expected to pull up and shoot threes (and was surrounded by other players who are more proficient at catch-and-shoot than ever), he would just be unbelievable. Also, never forget Drazen Petrovic. If he had a long career, he would be one of the best players ever. If he had a long career TODAY... oh boy.

  97. nappy 01'

    nappy 01'Pred 11 urami

    dont forget “linsanity” it made coaches realize you can turn any player into a premier scorer if u let them play their game

  98. Moritz Dreyer

    Moritz DreyerPred 11 urami

    These Analytics are stupid

  99. Alin Friedman

    Alin FriedmanPred 12 urami

    Amazing content

  100. jk

    jkPred 12 urami

    What's even more crazy is scoring is up but Jordan still have the highest ppg of all time. MJ averaging 40 today

  101. Adam Elayan

    Adam ElayanPred 12 urami

    tmac...tmac would've averaged 40

  102. T DB

    T DBPred 12 urami

    Great overview on this topic 👍