19 Days Without Basketball. Things Are Getting Desperate.

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  1. TheproGOAT

    TheproGOATPred 14 dnevi

    Jxmy shot 4/6 for the awards.

  2. Rex Roberts

    Rex RobertsPred 19 dnevi

    If only they knew....

  3. its josif

    its josifPred 25 dnevi

    Did i heard it wrong 3000 wilt records

  4. Anthony Gregory

    Anthony GregoryPred 2 meseci

    Jimmy didn't know what it would become...

  5. coltcam1

    coltcam1Pred 2 meseci

    I cant believe this was 7 months ago

  6. Mark Carlo Minoc

    Mark Carlo MinocPred 3 meseci

    7 months later and the Lakers were Champions.

  7. Jayden Fu

    Jayden FuPred 4 meseci


  8. Bray Keys

    Bray KeysPred 4 meseci

    On no 19 days

  9. George Pig

    George PigPred 4 meseci

    Jxmy be like: I shit my pants, or did I? Here’s a chart

  10. Montrel Jones

    Montrel JonesPred 3 meseci


  11. SweatOn

    SweatOnPred 4 meseci

    you thought 19 days was bad!?!?!?

  12. Ha P

    Ha PPred 4 meseci

    The LeBron part made me laugh. Congrats to LAL

  13. Maxinator

    MaxinatorPred 4 meseci

    Didn't age well😂

  14. Stuart G

    Stuart GPred 4 meseci

    Well, this aged well

  15. Zadid Aziz

    Zadid AzizPred 4 meseci

    5:59 20202021 season

  16. CrackedTyres

    CrackedTyresPred 5 meseci

    How did this man predict 5 of the 6 main awards, what a god

  17. Lucas Miller

    Lucas MillerPred 5 meseci

    Honestly i think they might do a bubble in orlando with 22 teams

  18. ahmed َ

    ahmed َPred 5 meseci

    9:40 not bad jimmy lmao

  19. Anthony Hughston

    Anthony HughstonPred 5 meseci

    " 6 months with out basketball"

  20. Amauri Torres

    Amauri TorresPred 5 meseci

    Literally almost every prediction came true

  21. Goodhandles

    GoodhandlesPred 5 meseci

    Lowkey jxmy got some of those playoff predictions right and awards O_O

  22. Fastle84

    Fastle84Pred 5 meseci


  23. Mongolfreak

    MongolfreakPred 6 meseci

    It is now august 17 and the playoffs are starting and damn this prediction is pretty accurate

  24. Clippers In 5

    Clippers In 5Pred 6 meseci

    0:38 Thought that was Brice after lebrons part LMAO 😂

  25. Dr Donut

    Dr DonutPred 6 meseci

    This age brilliantly

  26. William Oesch [Student]

    William Oesch [Student]Pred 7 meseci

    Damn Jordan holds 17 of the best games i NBA history

  27. ZIRKsee fan

    ZIRKsee fanPred 7 meseci

    Who’s here after basketball is starting up again in the bubble

  28. Jiwds Tecson

    Jiwds TecsonPred 7 meseci

    30 days going 5 months.

  29. NotAidan Hartley

    NotAidan HartleyPred 8 meseci


  30. Ryan Fischer

    Ryan FischerPred 8 meseci

    Its been 3 months, its been rough

  31. Jeff Edwards

    Jeff EdwardsPred 8 meseci

    how is lebron only 6 8 and looks so huge compared to others how?

  32. Lil c da savage

    Lil c da savagePred 8 meseci


  33. Benjy Knoll

    Benjy KnollPred 8 meseci

    A week after they put space jam on Netflix the nba closed. So I blame Netflix for everything

  34. acorn sucks

    acorn sucksPred 9 meseci

    I love it, entertainers are non-essential.

  35. Addy Pierson

    Addy PiersonPred 9 meseci

    Why can’t you say covid-19


    CITH RICH DIDNT WAKE UPPred 9 meseci

    The NBA isn’t losing any money, as future sales isn’t theirs. Now if the NBA lost money the would have to take out 1B in cash, then burn it. It’s like saying I lost money for not working 10 jobs, or I lost money for not being a musician

  37. Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith

    Shooting Hoops With Noah SmithPred 9 meseci

    They just need to cancel the season.

  38. Fauzano Fadri

    Fauzano FadriPred 9 meseci

    Who watch this when pat ewing got rona

  39. DrClayBrady

    DrClayBradyPred 9 meseci

    73 days yikes

  40. ChuckyCheese113

    ChuckyCheese113Pred 9 meseci

    Day 72 without the NBA

  41. ChuckyCheese113

    ChuckyCheese113Pred 9 meseci

    Uhh just realized yesterday Patrick Ewing, one of the people that got “infected” in space jam...just got infected with the corona virus....

  42. obviouscrab

    obviouscrabPred 9 meseci

    Ah yes, sport

  43. V. Ward

    V. WardPred 9 meseci

    Why can't you say it

  44. Laureano Über Alles

    Laureano Über AllesPred 9 meseci

    what if we get a World Series,Superbowl, and NBA Finals all in February.seems like a possibility

  45. Thierno Sow

    Thierno SowPred 9 meseci

    No homo,But his voice is too satisfying

  46. Bianca B

    Bianca BPred 9 meseci

    Lmaaaaaoooooo this intro

  47. Jordan Rosario

    Jordan RosarioPred 9 meseci

    62 days without basketball. May 11th 2020 I am deeply hurt

  48. BEAR

    BEARPred 9 meseci


  49. Soviet Union

    Soviet UnionPred 9 meseci

    This is all your fault tiktok

  50. k bap

    k bapPred 9 meseci

    And the Los angels Lakers got a stimulus check too wtf a billion dollar organization really? The owners of the team could have taken care of the every day 9 to 5 employees who work at the staples center easily from the consestion stand worker to the people who put up the court floor every night for your favorite NBA player to have an actual court to play on .wtf wake up people.

  51. TheLakerfan

    TheLakerfanPred 9 meseci

    In june get ready for flights debut

  52. Hegai Kapinga

    Hegai KapingaPred 9 meseci

    0:14 best one

  53. Fr0sty

    Fr0styPred 9 meseci

    Does anyone know how he gets these clips and is able to use NBA and sports highlights

  54. Christian Rodoreda

    Christian RodoredaPred 9 meseci

    MIP is so close. Ingram, Tatum, Luka, Shai & someone else i forgot could win it

  55. Isaiah4028

    Isaiah4028Pred 9 meseci

    How about some Pistons vids? Bad boys are the reason Michael Jordan became the monster that he was.

  56. XPlicit HipHop

    XPlicit HipHopPred 9 meseci

    My leg!!😂😂

  57. Cooper Creates

    Cooper CreatesPred 9 meseci

    Love the appearance of beet

  58. acorn sucks

    acorn sucksPred 9 meseci

    I love it. It's called non-essential people.

  59. Khord

    KhordPred 9 meseci

    Who’s here after Jordan is carrying the entire sports franchise on his back while he dunks from half court with the last dance documentary on ESPN as everyone and there momma gets the Rona virus. 🦠🏀

  60. Joshie

    JoshiePred 10 meseci

    Your famous on tik tok jimmy 😀

  61. Markelle Fultz

    Markelle FultzPred 9 meseci

    But most the people using the audio don’t know him

  62. Xavier Kirton

    Xavier KirtonPred 10 meseci

    What makes this man one of the best basketball SLthrowrs is just his voice and the emphasis he be putting on stuff.

  63. Leticia Nwanze

    Leticia NwanzePred 10 meseci

    81 year old grandpa litely no one

  64. be real

    be realPred 10 meseci

    What's the name of the beat?

  65. chris zanotti

    chris zanottiPred 10 meseci

    Look how many games Lou started thou and bron taking mvp

  66. Simply Julian

    Simply JulianPred 10 meseci

    I swear to you I watched every single second of this video bra

  67. Brett Vanbortel

    Brett VanbortelPred 10 meseci

    Jimmy hasn’t uploaded for 4 weeks things are getting desperate

  68. Andy Mimmo

    Andy MimmoPred 10 meseci

    Harden MVP

  69. Aaron W.

    Aaron W.Pred 10 meseci

    Tik tokers found our beat😭

  70. XVI Soapž

    XVI SoapžPred 10 meseci

    bro speak on the last dance , like your point of view and how you like it

  71. Bachata night club

    Bachata night clubPred 10 meseci

    And 4 weeks without Jimmy...

  72. Kenan J

    Kenan JPred 10 meseci

    Everyone using trapsax on tiktok but we all know jimmy put us on way before


    YAQAR YAHSHIBYAHPred 10 meseci

    This season had no defense

  74. Nicholas Edwards

    Nicholas EdwardsPred 10 meseci

    Pleas upload again 😢

  75. Justin Young

    Justin YoungPred 10 meseci

    when are you going to be uploading some new videos

  76. Quinn Armstrong

    Quinn ArmstrongPred 10 meseci

    Who's gonna tell Jimmy his intro music is trending on TikTok?

  77. Amanda Wisby

    Amanda WisbyPred 8 meseci

    It’s called trap sax

  78. Joe Mama

    Joe MamaPred 8 meseci

    @Deadlyy.64 yes sir

  79. Deadlyy.64

    Deadlyy.64Pred 9 meseci

    @Alex Antonacci he popularized the music

  80. Quinn Armstrong

    Quinn ArmstrongPred 10 meseci

    @Alex Antonacci ik but all the comments on the videos with the audio are talking about him

  81. Alex Antonacci

    Alex AntonacciPred 10 meseci


  82. Gabe Hoosier

    Gabe HoosierPred 10 meseci

    LeBron for mvp😪

  83. salvia

    salviaPred 10 meseci

    jimmy your song is blowing up on tik tok

  84. Connor Stephanoff

    Connor StephanoffPred 10 meseci

    Tiktok ruined ur intro

  85. Lucas Sotelo

    Lucas SoteloPred 10 meseci


  86. Serto

    SertoPred 10 meseci

    Can i say something? I really love your voice man keep on going with your vids like everytime when i rewarch or watch a new vid of you im very relaxed and its like i watched an very interesting documentary. Thank you for being in this world man

  87. Offwhiteva __

    Offwhiteva __Pred 10 meseci

    Ur famous on tiktok

  88. IKEA FriedRice

    IKEA FriedRicePred 10 meseci

    We got to love jxmy is TikTok famous now

  89. Keven Martinez

    Keven MartinezPred 10 meseci

    Wtf, the coach of the year should go to Frank Vogel 🤦🏻‍♂️

  90. Flavien Filteau

    Flavien FilteauPred 10 meseci

    Trap sax going viral on tik tok with your name on the trend go see pls

  91. # Donny2.0 or 2.1

    # Donny2.0 or 2.1Pred 10 meseci


  92. FF 4 yt

    FF 4 ytPred 10 meseci

    I love your voice bro

  93. Rareș Rotaru

    Rareș RotaruPred 10 meseci

    everyone please tell me y'all feeling as hurt as me when I see jxmmy's sound on FUCKING TIK TOK SHIT, excuse my language but I had enough

  94. Rareș Rotaru

    Rareș RotaruPred 10 meseci

    everyone please tell me y'all feeling as hurt as me when I see jxmmy's sound on FUCKING TIK TOK SHIT, excuse my language but I had enough

  95. D illon

    D illonPred 10 meseci

    Why can’t people say Corona on SLthrow?

  96. nsg shaun

    nsg shaunPred 10 meseci

    Harden would've had three pointers made in a season aswell

  97. nsg shaun

    nsg shaunPred 10 meseci

    Where you been bro

  98. Madiou Bah

    Madiou BahPred 10 meseci

    Yo what happened to the fire ass sax tho?

  99. Tre. d14

    Tre. d14Pred 10 meseci

    Dang , I’ve been here since way before a million subscribers and it’s just crazy you have made it this far ‼️ all I can say is congratulations bro you earn it and deserve it , all the hard work and charts you put in 💯

  100. alexck21

    alexck21Pred 10 meseci

    Jimmy it’s been 3 weeks where you at

  101. XXX Tentabletop

    XXX TentabletopPred 10 meseci

    Yo jxmmy pls ban ppl from using ur background music.its sooo overused

  102. Inzo Rubiato

    Inzo RubiatoPred 10 meseci

    You and getlikecoop have similar voices

  103. Mike Lisii

    Mike LisiiPred 10 meseci

    wait how about Steph never missing a free throw in an entire season?? or I am missing something??

  104. hittman

    hittmanPred 10 meseci


  105. Elex_ reaper

    Elex_ reaperPred 10 meseci

    I finally found your channel again😭

  106. Moonbot 7

    Moonbot 7Pred 10 meseci

    Can you do a video about Tom Kropp?

  107. Daniel Guan

    Daniel GuanPred 10 meseci

    I need some new content to watch bro.

  108. Pulse

    PulsePred 10 meseci

    26 days without jxmy thing are getting desperate