I Can't Believe He Actually Pulled This Off

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  1. Malcolm Exxx

    Malcolm ExxxPred 3 urami

    thought my phone was broken when I saw Bol Bol.

  2. kamikaze 21

    kamikaze 21Pred dnevom

    Why i'm watching video talking about how staroids work??!

  3. Me DotOrg

    Me DotOrgPred 2 dnevi

    Good video. It would be interesting to interview all of these players about that experience.

  4. TheDanielName

    TheDanielNamePred 3 dnevi

    Linsanity could have lasted longer if melo never got healthy. People forget that melo getting hurt or sick or something is the whole reason linsanity happened

  5. Artyom Arty

    Artyom ArtyPred 25 dnevi

    simple statistics/probability is the biggest part of it. it would be impossible for such anomalies not to exist. Across hundreds of players, it would be impossible for them to all hold a continuous type of play. Same thing with coin tosses. If you were to toss coins, it is statistically impossible that sometimes you would not get 7 tails in a row, for example. Hell, you could even interpret that the anomaly wasnt these guys playing well, the anomaly was that they were playing bad. In other words, it could be that these were actually better players than anyone, but due to bad luck, they played bad

  6. DezK

    DezKPred 27 dnevi

    i love this channel. there are very interesting topics that nobody talks about. thanks for sharing

  7. Sonam Jindal

    Sonam JindalPred 27 dnevi


  8. Tim Lomami

    Tim LomamiPred 28 dnevi

    There's a lack of van vleet

  9. Jordan Grainger

    Jordan GraingerPred mesecem

    Don’t act like Plantar Fasciitis hasn’t absolutely WRECKed his game since then. He’ll be back!

  10. Jordan Grainger

    Jordan GraingerPred mesecem

    Also homeboy wasn’t as bad as Lin was before this. He put up big numbers from time to time already.

  11. Rafael Zamot

    Rafael ZamotPred mesecem

    I think this more than anything shows us what those players are capable of. The thing is, putting up those numbers CONSISTENTLY takes an enormous amount of discupline

  12. Requiem for a Meme

    Requiem for a MemePred mesecem

    11:11 Nice.

  13. Joshu Verser

    Joshu VerserPred mesecem

    No one thought that lol 😆 media

  14. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonPred mesecem

    I call this a 'Trade Awakening'

  15. sa99

    sa99Pred mesecem

    Loool bol bol gonna be top 5 player in 5 years. He’s still young and barely get minutes cuz of jokic.

  16. Haunty

    HauntyPred mesecem


  17. Rutvadip Raina

    Rutvadip RainaPred mesecem

    Danna Barros was like 420 blaze it I guess

  18. Maulen. IDC Florez

    Maulen. IDC FlorezPred mesecem

    To be fair. Warren had a run in with the true son of Jordan smh.

  19. Andrés Haurie

    Andrés HauriePred mesecem

    Just imagine a team manages to take each of these players when they have their tj warren type performance

  20. Eli Malek

    Eli MalekPred mesecem

    Am I the only one who is just seeing this now? (The part about TJ Warren)

  21. Dummy thicc water

    Dummy thicc waterPred mesecem

    So your gonna gloss over the fact Larry Hughes was the back up to Allen iverson? In the the stat pic he even shows his minutes going from 12-25 mins again to 40-44 minutes per game

  22. KBryant4Prez Edited Versio

    KBryant4Prez Edited VersioPred mesecem

    But nobody cares about the suns going 8 and 0 when the last last time they went on a 3 game streak was 2015

  23. Samuel Lalla

    Samuel LallaPred mesecem

    i hope Jeremy Lin is in this

  24. Motivation TV

    Motivation TVPred mesecem

    .. I think that this happen when they got traded 😂

  25. Brody Allen

    Brody AllenPred mesecem

    Tj Warren is the goat

  26. Vambo Põldra

    Vambo PõldraPred mesecem

    8:54 - How do you round 7.6 to 7, but in the same sentence 24.6 to 25?

  27. x Is for ximon

    x Is for ximonPred mesecem

    Jxmy’s videos are so entertaining when ever I’m bored I watch these videos

  28. Claire Sinclair

    Claire SinclairPred mesecem

    The different flag generally mix because soap actually crush failing a careless maraca. lewd, royal lentil

  29. Tac_Dad

    Tac_DadPred mesecem

    Cracks me up that people still think Lin wasn't trash. When he went on "LINSANITY" he exposed how bad the mid-season defense was. Suddenly he played a decent defender who made him GO LEFT. Which Lin couldn't do, he got exposed and shut down, and this was repeated afterwards any time anyone cared to actually play D against him.

  30. Saggy Oss

    Saggy OssPred mesecem

    I’m pretty sure we just jokin about that shit bro

  31. MrNasher113

    MrNasher113Pred mesecem

    I’m not sure if it’s just fans over reacting or just the media trying to hype up story lines, either way it’s entertaining to see things play out, imagine the NBA without drama.

  32. Zach Judge

    Zach JudgePred mesecem

    The thing about Caruso though.. on a shit team I reckon he could average 20ppg, he's only a meme for how he looks.

  33. bobbythabuilda

    bobbythabuildaPred mesecem

    Me when I switch my jumpshot in 2k

  34. John Vparty Octavio

    John Vparty OctavioPred mesecem

    Yeah show the graphs

  35. DJSanders23

    DJSanders23Pred mesecem

    Love your work and your Chanel and the amount of details put into the research and content so... Mr Highroller sir.... Who is the best “one off player” of all time? Who had the most beastly single night of stats when compared to their season average, instead of the epic run just that one night where the player toggled god mode and blew the world away?

  36. Red Lion

    Red LionPred mesecem

    Playing time and coach preference also plays a major role

  37. Isaac Speake

    Isaac SpeakePred mesecem

    This has more to do with coaching. Opportunities are allowed by coaches. The talent gap isn't nearly as drastic from an elite player to a bench player as it's perceived through the eyes of the fans.

  38. Claude Alvey

    Claude AlveyPred mesecem

    This guys got the "Lucky Rare Gacha pull with Prime Jordan 1season Trial Card"

  39. kosiso ukatu

    kosiso ukatuPred mesecem

    Don't hate Lin has more rings than a lot of Allstars & he manged to stay in the league

  40. Jigs Gabor

    Jigs GaborPred mesecem

    Dana ... a girls name . lol

  41. S Sneaks1515

    S Sneaks1515Pred 2 meseci

    He isn’t underrated lol

  42. erik nansen

    erik nansenPred 2 meseci

    The tiny playground conceivably grip because restaurant tinctorially park by a ethereal parcel. juvenile, vigorous shampoo

  43. Edgar Gonzalez

    Edgar GonzalezPred 2 meseci

    They just hit the "Zone" for a bit , happened to my back in high school, I destroyed the school team on the try outs, got the forward position as a started, never scored over 4 points the entire year till I got benched XD

  44. LeBron James

    LeBron JamesPred 2 meseci

    we all know larry hughes is the goat

  45. Vontre HeruMai

    Vontre HeruMaiPred 2 meseci

    This is hella weird if yu really think about it.. So is it all in the mind wit these players or is it something deeper?

  46. rayjacker10 Booker

    rayjacker10 BookerPred 2 meseci

    Why u put bol bol and Jamal Murray for bol didn’t play much bc he played like 5 mins if that and when he got the opportunity he took it and balled tf out and Murray was always a 18 or 19 scorer and the bubble he balled out against the clippers and jazz love ya channel tho

  47. super anime

    super animePred 2 meseci

    Any nba level can score good if they get good ball time

  48. Damarius Hampton

    Damarius HamptonPred 2 meseci

    Notice he played for the raptors in 2006

  49. MrLol07

    MrLol07Pred 2 meseci

    I love the silence with the Stephen A. picture 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. kis012ger ;lut'noh

    kis012ger ;lut'nohPred 2 meseci

    The false familiar famous newsstand evolutionarily program because weeder univariably open including a questionable fired. tiny, mountainous straw

  51. Nathanael Reyes

    Nathanael ReyesPred 2 meseci

    As a wise person once said, history repeats itself

  52. PauloSSBM

    PauloSSBMPred 2 meseci

    These graphs giving me jon bois vibes

  53. Nicholas Burridge

    Nicholas BurridgePred 2 meseci

    Nah Tj Warren is like year 6 and 2nd or 3rd season averaging 20 and was stuck in pheonix with a bad development program for a few years. He finally showing his potential. I think he could make another leap and go like 26-27 ppg. I think on that run alot of runners and throw ups fell for him. Dude has an incredible work ethic to go along with a high skill ceiling.

  54. shawn farmer

    shawn farmerPred 2 meseci

    does jimmy think Jamal murray is bad or sum... like yeah the guy went off in the playoffs but its not like garbage then randomly dropped 30

  55. Joshua Lee

    Joshua LeePred 2 meseci

    The ubiquitous gondola anatomically reflect because pig arguably cross onto a cooing taurus. gullible gusty, plausible reminder

  56. James 24

    James 24Pred 2 meseci

    Barros wanted to go on crack for his 420th game

  57. Realwinnie718

    Realwinnie718Pred 2 meseci

    Mike jamessssss(Jones)

  58. Luō ēn dasnewtron

    Luō ēn dasnewtronPred 2 meseci

    you poking at the bear, bro. Warren is gonna eat next season, just because of this video.

  59. Luca2002

    Luca2002Pred 2 meseci

    F for linsanity

  60. Shantelle Glab

    Shantelle GlabPred 2 meseci

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that the magic would probably be undefeated if every game was a game 1

  61. Gaming With Wood

    Gaming With WoodPred 2 meseci

    I have a simple answer for this ENTIRE VIDEO........Usage and play time. OK OK maybe not every one but most I believe

  62. Gaming With Wood

    Gaming With WoodPred 2 meseci

    Love these videos dude

  63. callum collins

    callum collinsPred 2 meseci

    has anyone heard of steroids

  64. Evan Ouk

    Evan OukPred 2 meseci

    Jermy Lin wasn’t a fluke, Carmelo ruined it

  65. Alex Nguyen

    Alex NguyenPred 2 meseci

    Larry Hughes: exist 👁 👄 👁 JxmyHighroller: for 40 days and 40 nights

  66. travis graham

    travis grahamPred 2 meseci

    SHAGGY DOG BREEDS 🥰 slthrow.info/solution/t8uUpZnVkreqsa4/video.html

  67. Jaden Alves

    Jaden AlvesPred 2 meseci

    Jimmy put the clamp on him

  68. Tzu-Yu Huang

    Tzu-Yu HuangPred 2 meseci

    Alex CaruGoat.

  69. Mr Zeke

    Mr ZekePred 2 meseci

    Bol bol the god

  70. georgee gee

    georgee geePred 2 meseci


  71. drippy._. dam

    drippy._. damPred 3 meseci

    I mean bol bol has potential and Jamal murry is a allstar player

  72. Jay P

    Jay PPred 3 meseci

    I was pissed when the suns traded him, fucken stupid and especially for what we got in return.... Nada

  73. Da Hooper

    Da HooperPred 3 meseci

    Is bol bol a one hit wonder?

  74. Shota Toriumi

    Shota ToriumiPred 3 meseci

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how smart Jxmy is to find all this and how tough it must be to make all these videos, and here I thought 7th grade was tough.

  75. Shota Toriumi

    Shota ToriumiPred 3 meseci

    Bubble Warren and Bubble Suns were the greatest fads of all time

  76. Mason Edwards

    Mason EdwardsPred 3 meseci

    Points is a weird looking word.

  77. Andre House

    Andre HousePred 3 meseci

    Is gilbert arenas the same kind of of player

  78. mike lamb

    mike lambPred 3 meseci

    cmon man dont do bol bol like that

  79. kis012ger ;lut'noh

    kis012ger ;lut'nohPred 3 meseci

    Jeremy Lin had the potential to be amazing if D’Antoni kept the same offense and if Carmelo didn’t start jacking up 30 shots a game stalling the offense🤷‍♂️

  80. Sufyaan Virani

    Sufyaan ViraniPred 3 meseci

    Larry Hughes tha 🐐

  81. Jackson B

    Jackson BPred 3 meseci

    butler didn’t stop warren. the heat double-teamed him all series.

  82. David Jordan

    David JordanPred 3 meseci

    Bol bol raw tho no cap

  83. Minoru Mineta

    Minoru MinetaPred 3 meseci

    Thumbnail looking like NBA’s version of the movie The Notebook

  84. Danani Hassan

    Danani HassanPred 3 meseci

    I’m not even into basketball but these videos are so entertaining

  85. Sam Wescoat

    Sam WescoatPred 3 meseci


  86. James Bowser

    James BowserPred 3 meseci

    Why did James get traded the next season after he did so well??? Hughes was a beast😊

  87. Shaquille Wilkins

    Shaquille WilkinsPred 3 meseci

    Ask yourself this..are the guys you naming even better than TJ Warren???

  88. Frankie Westwood

    Frankie WestwoodPred 3 meseci

    Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you and you need to believe in yourself. When both is happening, well , you feel like Mike.

  89. DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)Pred 3 meseci

    "Shine like goats" :)

  90. Mister Mayhem

    Mister MayhemPred 3 meseci

    Wish J Lin is back in the league.

  91. Jenny Grapert

    Jenny GrapertPred 3 meseci

    I can’t believe Kawhi’s middle finger is stronger than the average person’s upper body

  92. Hereforthedubs

    HereforthedubsPred 3 meseci

    In 2012 I definitely thought Norris Cole would be a star based on his first 20 point game with the heat lol.

  93. Daddy Co.

    Daddy Co.Pred 3 meseci

    12:39 who is mike James 😂

  94. Ebag1990

    Ebag1990Pred 3 meseci

    these stat videos of outliers always reminds of some old short for The Matrix where they tell stories of people who momentarily break out of the programming for a second and do some insane shit.

  95. BigLT VEVO

    BigLT VEVOPred 3 meseci

    alex caruso will do that

  96. Ceridwen Garcia

    Ceridwen GarciaPred 4 meseci


  97. borat smagadijev

    borat smagadijevPred 4 meseci


  98. Kadek Chandra

    Kadek ChandraPred 4 meseci

    Nobody, absolutely nobody : Jxmy : *heReS a cHaRT*

  99. Ty D

    Ty DPred 4 meseci

    Sometimes it takes the right system. That’s why Lin fell off. Knicks saw him playing and decided he had to go

  100. WyteBoi Eddy

    WyteBoi EddyPred 4 meseci


  101. Jose Herrera

    Jose HerreraPred 4 meseci

    I would hope my MJ spirit would wake up by the playoffs if I were an nba bench player

  102. Yo ItsmeS

    Yo ItsmeSPred 4 meseci

    Why are these all guys I had in myteam last year

  103. Samuc Trebla

    Samuc TreblaPred 4 meseci

    Mike James, Duncan Robinson... wtf people