When A 17 Year Old Michael Jordan Met His Equal At A Basketball Camp

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  1. Charles Spardello

    Charles SpardelloPred 5 urami

    I'm from Boston suburb this is still talked about up here Larry's successor

  2. b t s n

    b t s nPred 22 urami

    great coverage of t he late great len bias. im sure millions have wondered what could have been. shame he never was able to reach his potential. Rest in Paradise Len Bias.

  3. Anna Judit

    Anna JuditPred dnevom

    The person who voice over this video was sound like in overtime.

  4. Deja Vu

    Deja VuPred dnevom

    Hey tell Ryan saunders he needs a haircut in your thumbnail.

  5. C. S. Robinson

    C. S. RobinsonPred dnevom

    I boarded the Red Line in the District in 1986, for a trip out to Landover, Maryland, where the 1986 NBA Draft was simulcast on a big screen inside the Capital Center, then home to the Washington Bullets, the 1978 NBA champions. I watched the draft in the Capital Center, televised from New York. Bias was picked #2. The fans in New York booed when the Knicks selected Kentucky star Kenny Walker with the 5th pick, who later won the All Star slam dunk competition. Bias was dead within days of his selection by the Celtics. Maryland and the District were both in shock. What a unit that might have been. DJ, Bird, McHale, Parish, you could imagine Bias on the floor with those four..

  6. uowebfoot

    uowebfootPred dnevom

    Way to go Portland.

  7. Joel Driver

    Joel DriverPred dnevom

    Len Bias' death is arguably the reason I never tried drugs of any kind. He died from an overdose of cocaine and it was my understanding at the time that it was the first time he ever tried it (that may or may not be true). I just figured if somebody around my age (I was 17 in 1986) like him who was 6'8" 230 pounds and a physical freak of nature could die then maybe drugs aren't such a great idea. True story.

  8. MalikAbdul Akhbahr

    MalikAbdul AkhbahrPred 2 dnevi

    Celtics 🍀 would have dominated with Bias Bird McCale Parish DJ

  9. CHS Celebrity

    CHS CelebrityPred 2 dnevi

    Is there an episode of the Last Dance that’s focused on before his nba career? If so can someone tell me which one

  10. John Smith

    John SmithPred 2 dnevi

    You clearly have a bias for bias.

  11. Neon Peon

    Neon PeonPred 2 dnevi

    All while watching this I'm sittin here thinkin "why have I never heard of Bias before? I know I'm not a basketball superfan or anything but I'd thought I've had heard at least something." At the end: aw, damn.

  12. C. Cashtodoor

    C. CashtodoorPred 2 dnevi

    Wow, remember this like yesterday, was the best rivalry I had seen in College. Len was Up for the challenge against MJ... He didn't break down like many do. RIP Len B , The Goat still carries your sprit and Karma from the Battles had.

  13. abc abc

    abc abcPred 2 dnevi

    Bruh. Why does Bronny jr. look like a young Jordan? 😐

  14. batuhan biner

    batuhan binerPred 3 dnevi

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  15. BobM760

    BobM760Pred 4 dnevi

    "Black Ice" is nice!

  16. Bob Davis

    Bob DavisPred 4 dnevi

    Jordan is only 6.4

  17. A C

    A CPred 5 dnevi

    This reminds me why MJ is the GOAT. He played both ends. You dont see that type of hustle in todays game.

  18. joe bob

    joe bobPred 6 dnevi

    D-Rose, Bias, Oden, a couple others. Damn. Imagine what could've been.

  19. Babara Zeiger

    Babara ZeigerPred 6 dnevi

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  20. JJ Kosky

    JJ KoskyPred 6 dnevi

    I liked and subbed

  21. Gil L

    Gil LPred 6 dnevi

    There is no way anyone could stop or even match this Michael Jordan.

  22. linh đào

    linh đàoPred 6 dnevi

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  23. SuperGGLOL

    SuperGGLOLPred 6 dnevi

    Yooo this video is entertaining ! Well researched. I don’t play basketball but I watch a lot of NBA.

  24. F. Ping

    F. PingPred 7 dnevi

    did MJ really say he took offense to being compared to Bias? I think that's a quote out of context; he was referring to another player in "Last Dance" series but not Bias

  25. Antwain Williams

    Antwain WilliamsPred 7 dnevi

    He didn't get good until college

  26. Max Well

    Max WellPred 8 dnevi

    Jordan would never be who he is if Bias didnt die. Maybe someone knew this and took advantage of it? Jordan was about to become a billion dollar athlete, you think people wouldnt kill for this?

  27. RSA x TrapG0d

    RSA x TrapG0dPred 9 dnevi

    Damn man that broke my heart rip Len Bias

  28. theBbOoSsSs

    theBbOoSsSsPred 9 dnevi

    one of them always dies. i wonder why

  29. Lonnie Booker

    Lonnie BookerPred 9 dnevi

    Gone Too Soon, #LenBias 😢🙏🏼🏀💔🕊️ The most unforgettable basketball player that made history in College Basketball with Michael Jordan that's never been forgotten. He'll someday who will be in Springfield, MA as a future inductee into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame with fellow basketball greats.

  30. gunshot619

    gunshot619Pred 10 dnevi

    Poor Guy died of Cardiac arrest

  31. Derrick Wang

    Derrick WangPred 11 dnevi

    Overrated, With all respect to Mr Bias. He had not met Patrick Ewing, Dennis Rodman, Malone Mailman, Piston Gangsters and the rest of NBA bad asses.

  32. Diamond Lian

    Diamond LianPred 11 dnevi

    MJ: I am not saying he wasn’t a threat ... but me being comparing to him!! I took that personally ... 😂😂😂


    ALEX LOPEZPred 13 dnevi

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  34. Jews News

    Jews NewsPred 13 dnevi

    Why didn't len go pro?

  35. Jews News

    Jews NewsPred 12 dnevi

    @Inside Out Beats oh wow that's sad

  36. Inside Out Beats

    Inside Out BeatsPred 12 dnevi

    He did and sadly died after he was drafted by the Celtics. He never got the chance to play.

  37. Roland moreno

    Roland morenoPred 13 dnevi

    You think this dead coke head would have made a difference . Would have been a headline news dead nba player dead first year playing

  38. See

    SeePred 14 dnevi

    What if I say the highlights were bias to Jordan

  39. Erik A

    Erik APred 14 dnevi

    I don't understand the comparison here.... this seems over hyped , but that's just me. How did he go toe to toe with Jordan. For me this isn't even a contest.

  40. Scott Miller

    Scott MillerPred 16 dnevi

    appreciate the video but the title is in obvious error, ie. click bait...?

  41. Michael Majoris

    Michael MajorisPred 16 dnevi


  42. Delmiko Taylor

    Delmiko TaylorPred 16 dnevi

    I remember watching them go at it. Len Bias death robbed basketball fans of a future top 5 NBA superstar.

  43. Quimane Richardson

    Quimane RichardsonPred 16 dnevi

    Maybe because A 17 year old Jordan was a final form Jordan 😂

  44. KiN CAMELL

    KiN CAMELLPred 17 dnevi

    Much Gratitude

  45. Mike Wilson

    Mike WilsonPred 18 dnevi

    Black Ice sounds like a killer.

  46. pendragon U

    pendragon UPred 18 dnevi

    I saw Michael play his last 3 years of College and none of them would be as good as the GOAT's after just 2 years in Pro Basketball, and NO ONE was prepared for what he would become by 86 and 88.... And even after, when everybody was already more than aware and still amazed, what it happened out of nowhere (beyond expected by others who studied his game again and again and trained against it) whenever the games became uphill rocky mountains for his team. You just had to be there to watch it, that MOJO that made his skills redundant I never seen before or AFTER never again. Regardless that many try to keep calling others every new season batch of pro players, "the next", "the new", the "better" Michael Jordan ever. There is no such thing, and all those who were at one time better than him when young and undeveloped to his full capacity of growth, where they stood in 1989, and where they stand now? The same like Charles Barkley or Magic or Ewing or even Shaq many times again and again, eyes wide opened, shaking their heads because he just passed in front of them _and it was simply not to believe. Even when they and even more his own team mates like Pippen and others knew how his game moved, but a different thing when seeing it activated in front of you. I still havent seen alike, regardless points or records made in different ways to push and charge a game. When you see how a Panther moves like lightning you cant mind how Rhinos or Elephants and Giraffes may dominate a field. The fastest Bruce Lee would steal your porn stache right under your nose with only two fingers, and you didn't see it coming even if you knew he could do such.

  47. M J

    M JPred 19 dnevi

    "him being a threat, I took offense to that"'... was a quote about Clyde Drexler not Len Bias...you ruined the integrity of a perfectly good video.

  48. David Goren

    David GorenPred 19 dnevi

    Fist off - great piece, I was not aware of them meeting at a HS BB Camp before seeing this - I do remember my whole HS (Rockville, MD.) being brought into the Auditorium over the Death of Len Bias. Option to seek further counseling if we needed it. Not to mention to give us the "just say NO to drugs" speech over again as if Nancy Regan herself was standing on the stage. It was a sad moment in Maryland Sports. I think Boston takes away one East Title, if not two from Chicago if Len didn't tragically die. However, all just speculation, we will never know. We can say that it would have made the NBA East Conference far more competitive in the late 80s & Early 90s as a whole.

  49. Christopher Brock

    Christopher BrockPred 20 dnevi

    Met his equal ??? Get real

  50. Clay Williams

    Clay WilliamsPred 20 dnevi

    To be able to watch Michael Jordan and Len Bias compete for two “GREAT” years was Epic. #GREATNESS


    BLACKJESUS713Pred 20 dnevi

    Nobody is fukkin with Jordan period..he made Bias look like nuthin

  52. B.Mase

    B.MasePred 20 dnevi

    I keep thinking, "Wow, what could've been?????"

  53. Rollin Dub

    Rollin DubPred 20 dnevi

    They both were learning then- that dunk Jordan did OMG!!!!

  54. Its_Birdclaw p

    Its_Birdclaw pPred 21 dnevom

    Rip len bias

  55. Jay R

    Jay RPred 21 dnevom

    Lenny was actually friends with my uncle and supposedly a martial arts enthusiast. He knocked out 4 men hassling Sticks Jackson near an uptown watering hole in MD mostly with a crane kick and open hand palm slaps due to wrist injury. He was a brown belt under Marciano Rockus in the early 80's.

  56. nova the star

    nova the starPred 22 dnevi

    Len bias was not MJ equal that's why nobody remember his name

  57. feeshing

    feeshingPred 16 dnevi

    You're a dumb person. No arguing in that.

  58. Risky Trader

    Risky TraderPred 23 dnevi

    Beast, but I doubt he would of stand toe to toe with MJ...doing drugs will more than likely make you worse not better... dude overdosed before he even played 1 NBA game and who knows what his game would of been like with the "gatherings" NBA player did at that time...

  59. A J

    A JPred 23 dnevi

    Great video man I appreciate your hard work 💯👍🏆

  60. Dylan

    DylanPred 23 dnevi

    Here’s a random fact: the twinkle of stars and lights are unique to you personally, it’s the way your eye way formed, creating lines light reflects off and appears as a twinkling star.

  61. 이성은

    이성은Pred 23 dnevi

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  62. HR

    HRPred 24 dnevi

    Michael Jordan is and always will be the 🐐

  63. kingfish4242

    kingfish4242Pred 24 dnevi

    Celtics win another title if Bias didn't die. I'll take that belief to my grave

  64. Nick H

    Nick HPred 24 dnevi

    This is better than any sports documentary ESPN has ever made!!!

  65. PeterJames Foote

    PeterJames FootePred 25 dnevi

    Michael Jordan’s athletic prowess was always upfront and wonderful, amazing to see. The talented, competitive, virtual superhero of a player who seemed to defy the laws of physics. But he had another side that many people never got to see. His kindness towards young kids, especially the disabled fans who came to see him play. After having 5 girls my Uncle and Aunt Ron and Jane Axium decided that they were called to adopt or foster 4 disabled kids. The first was my cousin Christopher. When Chris was adopted doctors told my aunt and uncle that Chris would never walk, might never talk clearly and would almost certainly die before 25. That was in the early 80’s. My aunt and uncle brought in half the neighborhood to pattern Chris, move his arm and leg muscles in ways that would increase nerve connections, help speech and coordination and hopefully extend his life. It worked. They did everything they could to mainstream and give Chris great experiences. One of those was taking Chris to Bulls games. By then MJ was a superstar and an amazing phenomenon to watch. Beauty in motion, top of the world. But somehow, he noticed the families with disabled perks and got to know them. Chris was 4’8? Jordon towered over him. But he especially liked these kids who showed such raw adoration for him. He got them great seats, near the team, so he could see their reactions, gave them signed posters and basketballs and on one special day gave Chris a full Chicago Bulls Uniform complete with shoes, socks, trunks, shirt (#24) and a personally signed basketball. For as long as I can remember whenever I walked over to their house, Chris was outside in uniform dribbling that ball. As time went on his coordination got better and better and he eventually took drum lessons at a music shop around the corner which would have stunned those early doctors. Of course, Chris is a wonderful human being who I admire for his joy and love of family. Here’s the thing though. In all those years in Chicago, I never saw a press release or story about Jordan’s acts of kindness to Chris and young fans like him. He had an impact on Chris’s life and transferred some small part of his drive to Chris. Enough so that one chilly fall Chicago night while Chris was sleeping on the back porch, “camping out” which he liked to do. He woke up when a disturbed kid who tried to set a number of churches on fire also, set their back porch on fire possibly because the kid was cold. Chris heard the back doorbell ring because the flames of the back porch working their way inwards and shorted the wires ringing the bell. This woke Chris, who rather than just running out the front door in panic, woke up his parents then his sisters and brothers upstairs. They all got out of the house literally seconds before a flash back from the open back door engulfed the interior of the house with flames. The kid with Downs Syndrome had saved 11 people’s lives that night. How much of that was enabled by Jordan’s kindness? I don’t know. Much of the credit goes to his immediate family and the many dozens in the neighborhood who volunteered helping to pattern The 4 adopted and fostered kids. But he certainly didn’t hurt.

  66. FindSomething Legal2Do

    FindSomething Legal2DoPred 25 dnevi

    Click bait

  67. J. Nazario

    J. NazarioPred 26 dnevi

    Mike took that 2v2 personal

  68. Samad Griffin

    Samad GriffinPred 26 dnevi

    Len Bias was the truth!

  69. HR

    HRPred 24 dnevi

    The creator of all things let the truth live, Griffin.

  70. Jamaal Tappe

    Jamaal TappePred 26 dnevi

    Bias would've destroyed mikes career had he lived

  71. Ken Managbanag

    Ken ManagbanagPred 26 dnevi

    Lol at the thumbnail dude beside MJ looked like Zac Efron. Maybe that was his character in 17 Again and he played with or against Jordan after high school


    WHY MINIONS GAMINGPred 27 dnevi

    You forgot AI he challenge MJ toe to toe and he got him

  73. Lauren

    LaurenPred 27 dnevi

    mjs first sacrafice

  74. kenneth walton

    kenneth waltonPred 27 dnevi

    wow wow wow

  75. Plato N

    Plato NPred 27 dnevi

    MJ os the GOAT, PLEASE STOP, He didn't get punked, and he didn't get outplayed, absurd arguments with voice inflection doesn't make it true either.

  76. FP Villegas

    FP VillegasPred 27 dnevi

    Probably the only player that gave Jordan headaches is Olajuwon. He said so in an interview.

  77. reybley

    reybleyPred 27 dnevi

    wow. Great vid

  78. Happy Rainbow

    Happy RainbowPred 28 dnevi

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  79. Tony Lee

    Tony LeePred 28 dnevi

    If anybody out here really know the story why you think they killed Len Bias he was better than Jordan they did not want the competition will Jordan

  80. Joe Martin

    Joe MartinPred 28 dnevi

    Could you imagine Bias playing with Bird, McHale and Parrish ,Jesus!

  81. GetUmJ13

    GetUmJ13Pred 28 dnevi

    What Len Bias could have been as a pro. He grew up in my neighborhood and I still remember the devastation when we learned that he had died from a drug overdose.

  82. Sha,kim X

    Sha,kim XPred 28 dnevi

    If len dont die mj name would not be that big now facts

  83. Big Man

    Big ManPred 28 dnevi

    He probably would've gave Mj a lil competition, but still Mj would still whoop dat azz on tje court

  84. Mark Capiz

    Mark CapizPred mesecem


  85. Mark Capiz

    Mark CapizPred mesecem

    your voice is horrible to listen to omg wtf

  86. J Dez

    J DezPred mesecem

    jordan from NY

  87. Lalambz

    LalambzPred mesecem

    len bias would probably just be an uber athletic james worthy, he will outplay mj, maybe for a week...

  88. Random Palmtop Gaming

    Random Palmtop GamingPred mesecem

    Man, that basketball camp footage though. Pure gold. Kids today tend to think basketball camps exist since like shortly before LeBron showed up, but this should provide them some reality check.

  89. CroPETROforeverNBA

    CroPETROforeverNBAPred mesecem

    Sorry but this is BIAS towards Jordan.

  90. Princern Prince

    Princern PrincePred mesecem

    You claim Bias would have challenged Jordan in the pros. We saw Isaiah challenge him but then you said after Jordan got his peak Isaiah never won again. We saw already Jordan dominate Bias in two games at the college level. You claim the second game Bias got the best of Jordan which I did not see. I think you just said that to make it a revenge thing in the 3rd game to embellish the story. Given Jordan cradle dunked at the end says to me they won the second game too? Jordan would have continued to dominate him in the pros as well. Also given the fact the guy died of drugs he wasn't managing his life correctly and would not have been in the condition needed night in and night out. Jordan would have dominated with or without Bias in the NBA.

  91. Sean Deltano

    Sean DeltanoPred mesecem

    I'm a Celtic fan, and never getting to see Lenny Bias play is a damn shame...kids potential was limitless

  92. Ricky Water

    Ricky WaterPred mesecem

    Jordan. Wromg with this guy talking about.he was more electric how.idiots

  93. Ricky Water

    Ricky WaterPred mesecem

    If u think len bias was going to be anywhere near as good as jordan u r sick.jordan was far a better player.i say in college he had a better jump shot,that's it.

  94. Gretchen Little

    Gretchen LittlePred mesecem

    It's not too often I learn something new about old school hoops -- thanks for the lesson! Bias's death shocked us back then, but for all the coverage, I don't remember anyone bringing up the Jordan/Bias connection. Say what you want about Jordan's personality, but you have to admire his discipline off the court.

  95. Oz

    OzPred mesecem

    10,000 to 500. That’s a crazy stat. 10,000 goes to camp having a dream and only 500 accomplish that. Ridiculous.

  96. Lanlang Lonlong

    Lanlang LonlongPred mesecem

    I see Justin Bieber in the thumbnail

  97. Carl Banks

    Carl BanksPred mesecem

    I live in the area, we loved Len. I saw these games in person. Len was bigger and stronger and had a clutch jumper. He was better than Jordan.

  98. Mightymikeamps

    MightymikeampsPred mesecem

    Think about how dominant the already great Celtics would have been if not for the tragic losses of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis.

  99. Russell Bradwell

    Russell BradwellPred mesecem

    LeBron was already getting ready for the NBA at 17..lol

  100. Devin Blake

    Devin BlakePred mesecem

    why does the guy on the right look like Justin bieber


    CLUTCH_AND STICKPred mesecem

    4:20 How many current NBA Players can consistently had that shot, not to mention using the glass on a consistent basis? I have time... I'll wait.


    CLUTCH_AND STICKPred mesecem

    Subtract Jordan and Bias from the equation and UNC still had a much better squad. Bias carried those Maryland teams the same way Jordan would carry the Bulls early on.

  103. David gomez

    David gomezPred mesecem

    Bro Jordan and bias have the cleanest jumpers

  104. Gene Mars

    Gene MarsPred mesecem

    This is so interesting. Thank you.

  105. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuPred mesecem