LeBron James Was Robbed Again...or was he?

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  1. sheldor

    sheldorPred 8 urami

    Out of all the languages my guy chose to speak facts

  2. Julius Luna

    Julius LunaPred 8 urami

    changed my whole opinion on it, great video

  3. Happines With less S

    Happines With less SPred 11 urami

    Giannis to the mavs please

  4. panos xd

    panos xdPred 13 urami

    5:40 it is actually 9. 2008 Kobe wins both

  5. Myles Watkins

    Myles WatkinsPred dnevom

    If Nash can win over Shaq and Kobe; Lebron could've won over Giannis. Stats are inflated these days.

  6. Adrian Balcerzak

    Adrian BalcerzakPred 2 dnevi

    5:37 its actually nine, 2008 Kobe is red, should be green

  7. TheDanielName

    TheDanielNamePred 2 dnevi

    How can james be mvp when they only became contenders when AD was added? End of argument

  8. Brazzy

    BrazzyPred 2 dnevi

    LMAOO u can't compare a 35 yro thats 3 inches shorter to a 25 yro dude that is unstoppable

  9. David Parra

    David ParraPred 14 urami

    Damn, thats dope but still not that valuable

  10. aBoutStats

    aBoutStatsPred 3 dnevi

    Give the MVP award before Playoff Season is big solutions.

  11. Davey Miranda

    Davey MirandaPred 4 dnevi

    Uhm, I think he missed Kobe Bryant in 2008 for both MVP’s😂, might have just slipped passed him when editing tbh.

  12. Vlad Guerrero Jr.

    Vlad Guerrero Jr.Pred 4 dnevi

    U messed up at 5:47 2008????????

  13. William Hough

    William HoughPred 4 dnevi

    ok bubble should've counted though lillard was robbed all nba first team (should've made it over luka even without bubble consideration)

  14. Cody Woof

    Cody WoofPred 8 dnevi

    Bro thank you me and my bro had such and argument about the mvp being the regular season award

  15. Devon Aska

    Devon AskaPred 8 dnevi

    You need to go on first take and school those clowns


    IKER AMARO AVALOSPred 10 dnevi

    bro, Jimmy, 5:41 Kobe won in 2008 in real life and in perspective so there were actually 9 MVPs that deserved their trophy!

  17. HelpfulTerror25 1224

    HelpfulTerror25 1224Pred 13 dnevi

    9 because Kobe would’ve won it both in 2008

  18. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien PinardPred 15 dnevi

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  19. Cirineu 41

    Cirineu 41Pred 15 dnevi

    Haven't y'all realized that Jimmy never begs for likes and doesn't tell viewers to subscribe 😳

  20. Rohan Aditya

    Rohan AdityaPred 16 dnevi

    where was curry mannnn 2:33


    MLG_FRIGHTPred 17 dnevi

    Scottie was 1st team all nba while MJ was the league MVP sooooo ya

  22. Aden Yuan

    Aden YuanPred 12 dnevi

    If Jimmy says it didn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.

  23. Vyrzi

    VyrziPred 18 dnevi

    5:36 2008

  24. Ivan Martinez

    Ivan MartinezPred 19 dnevi

    All these bronsexuals are wack

  25. Dylan Vang

    Dylan VangPred 20 dnevi

    Kobe got robbed when Steve mash got mvp

  26. Joseph Hanicak

    Joseph HanicakPred 20 dnevi

    The "mvp if it included playoffs" is literally just the best player on the championship winning team. It might as well be finals mvp.

  27. Fatbouddha 77

    Fatbouddha 77Pred 20 dnevi

    5:33 it is 9, you forgot 2008 season

  28. Luca Fusillo

    Luca FusilloPred 21 dnevom

    How would you not have given the potential full season mvp to lebron in 2016. I mean the 3-1 finals comeback on it’s own should win him that

  29. Imperius Rex

    Imperius RexPred 22 dnevi

    Hence, the name "Regular season MVP". Playoffs isn't part of it.

  30. Isaac Rivas

    Isaac RivasPred 27 dnevi

    Giannis is trash...

  31. Dude Bro

    Dude BroPred 27 dnevi

    Giannis doesnt have AD, biggest difference.

  32. Pryxies

    PryxiesPred mesecem

    who else noticed that Kobe kept his MVP in 2008? And the G.O.A.T said that he was not one of the 8 who kept them. Also, Giannis deserved it. Let me ask this how many stats did LeBron lead in?

  33. Yeetus Deleteus

    Yeetus DeleteusPred mesecem

    Giannis deserves it

  34. Iasonas Tsilikas

    Iasonas TsilikasPred mesecem

    Lol imagine having the best record and getting destroyed by a rookie Tyler heroo and Jimmy butler. Imagine Jordan letting this happen 😂😂

  35. Max Black

    Max BlackPred mesecem

    You said kobe Brynt twice so it would be nine

  36. Oghenetega Esedere

    Oghenetega EsederePred mesecem

    Lovely Video. Clear points.

  37. Meme Central Everyday

    Meme Central EverydayPred mesecem

    5:37 what about 2008

  38. Christian Annoni

    Christian AnnoniPred mesecem

    8:50 correct me if I'm wrong, but in 1996 Scottie Pippen was all NBA and MJ won the league MVP

  39. Manas Saxena

    Manas SaxenaPred mesecem

    It's 9 instead of 8. 2002 Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bryant. 5:47

  40. redbaconmatters

    redbaconmattersPred mesecem

    Hope gowie reacts to this.

  41. Hello Yes

    Hello YesPred mesecem


  42. Jonathan Csx

    Jonathan CsxPred mesecem

    aren't you missing a point though ? I mean, the MVP award is note the award for the best individual player, but the award for the most valuable player for a team, the one with the most impact. The difference between the PPG of Giannis and Lebron is super small, but the fact that Lebrun has twice the number of assist per game Giannis has means a lot. There something else, if you play for a team for 6 years and finally everything goes exactly as you expect they should, you play at your best level for sure. When you re on a team for only one year and most of it changed because of a trade, being that efficient is really impressive. There probably should be an award for the best individual player. But it stays the most "valuable" player, I have to say Lebrun has a more impressive impact on his team.

  43. Dan Jimenez

    Dan JimenezPred mesecem

    You should already know that the MVP and the best player in the league arent always the same

  44. troubauk

    troubaukPred mesecem

    I want your analysis on why the Bucks failed. What didn't they have, that others - Miami Heat - did?

  45. Kasper Knutsen

    Kasper KnutsenPred mesecem

    Michael jordan was robbed as dirty as it gets 😬

  46. Βασίλης Μέρτογλου

    Βασίλης ΜέρτογλουPred mesecem

    lebron as a contentor of mvp NO you are need help from a doctor everyone who said that lebron got robbed

  47. Robert Likesdonuts

    Robert LikesdonutsPred mesecem

    Imo the bubble should count just not the wins

  48. nnoahishere

    nnoahisherePred mesecem

    swagbucks doesn't work very well, more time then it is worth and rewards are not guranteed

  49. sara ferral

    sara ferralPred mesecem

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  50. The Hoop

    The HoopPred mesecem

    The regular season is a joke, it's an extension of the pre-season. It's a 82-(pointlessly)-long season where most teams don't play defense or have any real strategy unless contenders match-up during a xmas game. The real basketball is played during the play-offs. Play-offs MVP is far more important title. So you can drunk in transition on laxed defenses? great..

  51. Bodhi Ray

    Bodhi RayPred mesecem

    6:08 look at 2008

  52. DB Gustavo

    DB GustavoPred mesecem

    5:39 don't you mean 9 @JxmyHighroller , it says that in 2008 the actual MVP was Kobe Bryant and that the potential full season MVP also would be Kobe so???

  53. TruthBeTold

    TruthBeToldPred mesecem

    really? in 2016 you gave it to curry when LB demolished all of the statistics and burned GSW to the ground. You are a LB hater for sure.

  54. Sagarika Prakash

    Sagarika PrakashPred mesecem

    put some respect on giannis

  55. Tmoney27

    Tmoney27Pred mesecem

    They need to go back to giving out awards around the end of the season and not by the 3rd round

  56. A&BProductions

    A&BProductionsPred mesecem

    This video got me thinking LeBron was LITERALLY house robbed once and I didnt know😂😂

  57. Frxst

    FrxstPred mesecem

    Giannis deserves it for sure. LeBron is nothing compared to Giannis in my opinion.

  58. Tac_Dad

    Tac_DadPred mesecem

    There's a difference between MVP and best. Lebron is still better but he was less productive

  59. Unable :

    Unable :Pred mesecem

    Giannis was hurt in the bubble anyways

  60. Krastiyan Angushev

    Krastiyan AngushevPred mesecem

    1:05 wus the name of the song

  61. l f

    l fPred mesecem

    Did anyone else notice 2008 isnt green although it both says kobe bryant?

  62. Chon z

    Chon zPred mesecem

    Idk if anyone else noticed but the 2008 actual MVP was actually the same as the potential but its red.🤔

  63. Johnathon Umila

    Johnathon UmilaPred mesecem

    Do a video like this for 2018 when harden won

  64. kingcoutts

    kingcouttsPred 2 meseci

    MVP - Best player during the regular season. Finals MVP - Best player during the finals. Giannis led the bucks to the best record in the league during the regular season. Lebron carried the Lakers during the finals.

  65. ThirstyCamel123

    ThirstyCamel123Pred 2 meseci

    I still think he got robbed

  66. Sydney

    SydneyPred mesecem

    MVP is given to the best team’s best player

  67. Sydney

    SydneyPred mesecem

    Imagine watching this video and still disagreeing lol. Cry bronsexual😭

  68. Shamone Music

    Shamone MusicPred 2 meseci

    When he does the mvp if including post season, he forgot that Kobe won mvp in 2008 and would’ve won it.. so there’s actually 9

  69. Robert Mifflin

    Robert MifflinPred 2 meseci

    In the postseason vs actual mvp chart he didn’t include Kobe in 2008. There was actually nine players who still would have won it if you included postseason

  70. Isaiah Woodbury

    Isaiah WoodburyPred 2 meseci

    I don’t watch enough bucks games

  71. kartheesh marimuthu

    kartheesh marimuthuPred 2 meseci

    The cautious lily mathematically attack because jellyfish biosynthetically arrive as a sulky chalk. fluffy, splendid shears

  72. Hoodie DJ

    Hoodie DJPred 2 meseci

    Jxmy "I did a chart, not a list" Highroller.

  73. Karlo Gržinić Orlić

    Karlo Gržinić OrlićPred 2 meseci

    Yxmy, in the "if the MVP award included the playoffs" section you have put Kobe(2008) in both catogorys and you didn't put him in the green color.

  74. Wu Diyang

    Wu DiyangPred 2 meseci

    lebron was not robbed this year, but definitely previously...

  75. the meat teacher miss tofu

    the meat teacher miss tofuPred 2 meseci

    Tbh LBJ should have 10 regular season MVP's no cap

  76. Is Grass Green?

    Is Grass Green?Pred mesecem

    Media doesnt like give the mvp to the same player year after year, that's why Michael Jordan only won five

  77. Fresh Professor

    Fresh ProfessorPred 2 meseci

    9. You forgot 2008

  78. alda benavides

    alda benavidesPred 2 meseci

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  79. Jack Osborn

    Jack OsbornPred 2 meseci

    in 1996 Michael Jordan won MVP and Scottie Pippen was in all NBA 1st.

  80. tarique cherrington

    tarique cherringtonPred 2 meseci

    nah nah nah his charts make it look so nasty bro

  81. Sheree Wilkins

    Sheree WilkinsPred 2 meseci

    LeBron should have been MVP, end of conversation.

  82. SpiriT NBALM

    SpiriT NBALMPred 2 meseci

    Why are MJ and LeBron on every damn stat

  83. Kelly Richard

    Kelly RichardPred 2 meseci

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  84. Nate Norton

    Nate NortonPred 2 meseci

    2008 Kobe was the actual mvps and potential full season mvp

  85. Devin Michael Santos

    Devin Michael SantosPred 2 meseci

    5:35 9*

  86. lemon Jesus

    lemon JesusPred 2 meseci

    Michael Jordan - 6 Kobe Bryant - 5 LeBron James - 4

  87. AlwaysWade

    AlwaysWadePred 2 meseci

    The reaon I thimk that Lebron was robbed is because when the bucks played the lakers and giannis went against lebron, lebron domintated giannis

  88. Pedro Augusto Costa

    Pedro Augusto CostaPred 28 dnevi


  89. Anderson Knight

    Anderson KnightPred 2 meseci

    and im sitting here thinkin he was really robbed b4 I clicked

  90. Nassym Aitchitt

    Nassym AitchittPred 2 meseci

    This man thinks Curry should be mvp in 2016 when factoring in the playoffs....

  91. ConMan

    ConManPred 2 meseci

    Under 2008 it says Kobe Bryant on both as well... so 9?

  92. ARGreen93

    ARGreen93Pred 2 meseci

    5:35 9 actually, you missed Kobe!

  93. Elie Kazmouz

    Elie KazmouzPred mesecem

    My man kobe would have won more than on mvp.Love to see it

  94. Nickolas Hesson

    Nickolas HessonPred 2 meseci

    I was overjoyed when I saw that he released a new video

  95. Aio 1

    Aio 1Pred 2 meseci

    When the goat uploads...

  96. Kal Mu

    Kal MuPred 2 meseci

    Lebron came back from Injury second season on a new team in a new conference and led the league in assists playing point for the first time he then led his way to the chip

  97. Bálint Szabó

    Bálint SzabóPred 2 meseci

    It is accurate. Rightful MVP award

  98. Ryan Thaylor

    Ryan ThaylorPred 2 meseci

    Something about missing 14% of games (8-5 w/o him) and only playing 30 min a game doesn’t scream MVP. In comparison, LBJ (“mr load management”) missed 6% of games (2-2 w/o him (1-2 with AD being the star)) and playing 35 min.

  99. Michael Andrew

    Michael AndrewPred 2 meseci

    2008 is red But you have Kobe in both

  100. Phantom Ho

    Phantom HoPred 2 meseci

    With news that vaccines could be widely available in Spring 2021, when would you feel most comfortable going back to crowded movie theaters?

  101. Skynyrd Jesus

    Skynyrd JesusPred 3 meseci

    Only 8 huh? Anyone else struggling to remember the other Kobe Bryant that played in 2008?

  102. King of Newyork

    King of NewyorkPred 3 meseci

    Doesn’t matter if you get the regular season MVP if you don’t get a ring !

  103. zareh mesrobian

    zareh mesrobianPred 3 meseci

    In 2008 you agree with the MVP but you highlighted that in red ;) not trying to hate but....

  104. Vini Chenzo

    Vini ChenzoPred 3 meseci

    2008 shouldnt be red Kobe = Kobe

  105. Vini Chenzo

    Vini ChenzoPred 3 meseci

    9 not 8

  106. st Aus

    st AusPred 3 meseci

    I am not a huge basketball fan but your analysis is so good I can't stop watching. I feel smarter just watching them.

  107. will k

    will kPred 3 meseci

    What doesnt make sense is that when hes put up against a "top tier" player he gets shut down, its absolute cheese, Its pretty easy when you dont have decent teammates to actually do something..

  108. Timothy King

    Timothy KingPred 3 meseci

    You made a mistake for 2008 on Kobe @ 10:12 it was really 9.