What They Won't Tell You In The Bulls Documentary

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  1. hillshire 76

    hillshire 76Pred 3 urami

    Most surprising, the glass shattering dunk. Damn.

  2. Hannah Nguyen

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  3. Explosion Comics TV

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    you are awesome! I love your content!

  4. Maxmillian200HP

    Maxmillian200HPPred 12 urami

    0:18 "Greg" Ehlo It's "Craig" Ehlo! Jimmy, I expect more from you, ya fucked up son.

  5. carol perone

    carol peronePred 12 urami

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  6. Stefanos Miltsoudis

    Stefanos MiltsoudisPred 16 urami

    MJ GOAT.

  7. The Admiral

    The AdmiralPred 21 uro

    who is GREG EHLO? you mean CRAIG EHLO? lol

  8. iam oneclicker

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    JESUS HERNANDEZPred dnevom

    Excelente...saludos desde México.

  11. Velha Guarda Tricolor

    Velha Guarda TricolorPred 2 dnevi

    Lebron still better! Sorry guys!

  12. Velha Guarda Tricolor

    Velha Guarda TricolorPred dnevom

    @Tim Hurst STATS don't LIE! Yo are delusional! Lebron is better than Jordan and you know it.

  13. Tim Hurst

    Tim HurstPred dnevom

    You’re delusional.

  14. Andrew Last Name

    Andrew Last NamePred 2 dnevi

    2:58 Please stop the misleading graphs... I love the vids and MJ, but there’s never a reason to use these.

  15. LiveLife LS

    LiveLife LSPred 3 dnevi

    But we’re still arguing about lebron being better? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. trollolololulz

    trollolololulzPred 3 dnevi

    Just goes to show MJ don't need to piggy back off a super team and fulfill a role within it to win the chip, he is the super team.

  17. _RKCX_ official

    _RKCX_ officialPred 3 dnevi

    This is by far the best basketball SLthrow channel period.

  18. StressGaming

    StressGamingPred 3 dnevi

    9:40 i thought lebron would be there at 2013 ngl

  19. Master Oogway

    Master OogwayPred 3 dnevi

    I wanna see that 74 player list of guys that never lost to MJ

  20. Mark Fox

    Mark FoxPred 3 dnevi

    I’ve broken two backboards and I’m only 6 foot two and 180 pounds. I’m not sure how height and weight factors into it.

  21. Ron Reiss

    Ron ReissPred 4 dnevi

    Is breaking a backboard supposed to be impressive

  22. José Joaquín Alonso Castañeda

    José Joaquín Alonso CastañedaPred 4 dnevi

    Man I love your videos. Where do you get stats, how do you get the data?

  23. Hector Gudino

    Hector GudinoPred 4 dnevi

    Jordan is the best! I miss the good old days.

  24. jeremy dowell

    jeremy dowellPred 5 dnevi

    Greg Ehlo???

  25. Tim Hurst

    Tim HurstPred dnevom

    I noticed that too. *Craig

  26. William Ho

    William HoPred 5 dnevi

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  27. John Harris

    John HarrisPred 5 dnevi

    Hey, I like Jordan too and I'm from North Carolina. And has observed him since those McDonalds all American & UNC days and liked most hoop fans has been amazed and awestruck by his play. Although not so much @ UNC being I grew up a long time NC STATE fan, thanks to David "Skywalker" Thompson, but still you couldn't help but want to watch MJ. But out of curiosity and because I like your videos and a subscriber. Everyone knows how MJ dominated the majority of his competition. But I know that somewhere in his HOF career there had to be a few guy's that gave him a hard time at least until they met again. I know of the scoring battles with Bernard King and Mitch Richmond and his clashes with Hakeem Alajuwon every time they played.But other than that game against Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who just was unconscious that game with the Denver Nuggets and snapped I believe the bulls road win streak . There had to be some others players in the league that he caught on a hot night. If nothing else just to show that my man was on some nights human.😳

  28. John Neville

    John NevillePred 5 dnevi

    The fact that MJ didn't seriously hurt himself at 12:19 is amazing.

  29. KidWNDR. MUSIC

    KidWNDR. MUSICPred 5 dnevi

    Mans got big folded and still came out harmless lol

  30. Frank The Tank

    Frank The TankPred 6 dnevi

    It’s Craig Ehlo not Greg mate

  31. Nicholas Malloy

    Nicholas MalloyPred 6 dnevi

    To be fair he shot 43% but they brung the 3 pt line in like 3 feet that year from 23 to 20.5. And also he took way less 3s than everyone else on the list.

  32. Sean Molloy

    Sean MolloyPred 8 dnevi

    Yep league leader in scoring while still winning championships. Other great players realised it was a team game, and tried to get others involved to create a great atmosphere. Jordan remained a selfish player up to and including the documentary and HOF speech.

  33. J-Madz U.K

    J-Madz U.KPred 8 dnevi

    Amazing work great video 👍 MJ the greatest athlete of all time

  34. Jonathan Deegan

    Jonathan DeeganPred 9 dnevi

    Chris Dudley and Mugsy Bogues were apart of that Era of 'dominance.' 2 dudes that wouldn't make the G-League today. In fact close to half the NBA of Jordan's Era couldn't play in today's skilled League cuz they were straight, statuesque garbage. When you're dominating trash it's really not impressive. Imagine those Utah Jazz teams with Stockton, Hornacek, Greg Foster, Ostertag, Carr and Byron Russel being your best Finals opponent

  35. First Amendment

    First AmendmentPred 9 dnevi

    I love how he included Scottie Pippen as one of the players that Jordan never beat😂 I watched this video when it was uploaded, watching again because its that good 👍

  36. McLovin2021 Mclovin

    McLovin2021 MclovinPred 9 dnevi

    Bro you just sound like a straight up D K ryder.

  37. Kevin Budzisch

    Kevin BudzischPred 9 dnevi

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  38. Kevin Pearson

    Kevin PearsonPred 10 dnevi

    LaShannon Sharpe would LaShit himself if he saw this.

  39. Bob James

    Bob JamesPred 10 dnevi

    I love Basketball Time Machine, but...Bernard King at center? C’mon, man... 😄

  40. Tom Evans

    Tom EvansPred 10 dnevi

    MJ also took a lot of shots, he shot around 50%. Bird, Bryant are a little less, Curry is a little better with more 3 pt attempts. Then there was the illegal defense rule (double teaming not allowed) that resulted in a lot of isolation that NBA got rid of in early 2000, which helped MJ a lot. That’s why you cannot compare players from different eras, MJ was the best of his time, Kobe during his time , etc. The whole GOAT debate in any sport is stupid.

  41. Wyatt Briggeman

    Wyatt BriggemanPred dnevom

    “Kobe was the best of his time” lmao

  42. Malace From the Palace

    Malace From the PalacePred 10 dnevi

    Everytime mj dunked or jump hes shaped just like the Jordan emblem

  43. toobasaurus23

    toobasaurus23Pred 10 dnevi

    No bragging, but I knew most of this list. Great video.

  44. MC Square

    MC SquarePred 10 dnevi

    I watched until you called Craig Ehlo “Greg” Ehlo in the intro ... great editor, poor writing and research

  45. Jonah Chavez

    Jonah ChavezPred 11 dnevi

    you meant to say Craig Ehlo

  46. Cuber Steve

    Cuber StevePred 11 dnevi

    Anybody who doesn't think MJ is the GOAT should watch this. If they still don't agree than nothing will convince them and there opinion is worthless

  47. Eric Honecker

    Eric HoneckerPred 11 dnevi

    “Torched the suns”....? 🤔

  48. Eric Honecker

    Eric HoneckerPred 11 dnevi

    No doubt MJ is the GOAT but his ego surpassed his talent and greatness. He “took it personally” and got pissed off if anyone else got award he thought he deserved.

  49. Kazuya Hiro

    Kazuya HiroPred 11 dnevi

    12:13 Jordan Looked scared 😂😂

  50. FasBreak Doug

    FasBreak DougPred 11 dnevi

    Back when the NBA was exciting - now it's just 3's and dunks... yawn

  51. Danny C

    Danny CPred 12 dnevi

    Is it a fair comparison to compare MJ rookie stats to NBA rookie stats? MJ had 3-years to develop his game at UNC... this would be his 4th year playing at a high level.

  52. Atanas Ivanov

    Atanas IvanovPred 12 dnevi

    8:38 why did you include Westbrook in a 3P% list 🤣

  53. Bark

    BarkPred 12 dnevi

    Jordan is the goat and if lebron fans reply to this comment shows that y’all can’t let anything go and I’m right.

  54. KODONA Production

    KODONA ProductionPred 12 dnevi

    ONE WORD JIZZLE. nuff said

  55. Josh Thomas

    Josh ThomasPred 12 dnevi

    Nice work. Michael = GOAT

  56. Justin Vavala

    Justin VavalaPred 12 dnevi

    Great research. Except only seconds in you called Craig Ehlo “Greg”.

  57. Mike Conlon

    Mike ConlonPred 12 dnevi

    An interesting fact: in that final season the Bulls never lost 3 in a row...

  58. Jimmy Sompolno

    Jimmy SompolnoPred 11 dnevi

    not that season but since 1989 to 1998 its incredible

  59. Carlos Suarez

    Carlos SuarezPred 13 dnevi

    I think that the bullshit, nonsense, shouldnt even be discussed GOAT debate is over ... L. James ... you're chasing a ghost

  60. Evan Lancer

    Evan LancerPred 13 dnevi

    This was good work and should be proud. Facts put the doubters to rest

  61. texas tactical

    texas tacticalPred 14 dnevi

    mj is two times the player lebron is

  62. texas tactical

    texas tacticalPred 14 dnevi

    nother fire vid jxmy always drops bangers

  63. ighsight

    ighsightPred 14 dnevi

    MJ was the greatest. Of that era he played in.

  64. demetrius Reynolds

    demetrius ReynoldsPred 14 dnevi

    Jordan is a great player, but can we stop acting like he didn’t have a great team and he won by himself. He retires after the team goes 57-25 and win their 3rd championship. The media had the bulls being a lottery team without Jordan and what did they do that year 55-27. And lost to the knicks in 7 in the eastern conference finals and if it wasn’t for that horrible call on pippen then the bulls would’ve been in the finals that year without Jordan. His numbers aren’t even the greatest we’ve ever seen. Ever heard of wilt chamberlain, Jordan and everyone else’s numbers are laughable compared to his

  65. Johnny Fletcher

    Johnny FletcherPred 15 dnevi

    I’m so glad I was watching this as a kid growing up.

  66. Eilliw Nodrog

    Eilliw NodrogPred 15 dnevi

    I never knew Jordan shattered a backboard .Damnnn that sh** looked funny as hell with the players underneath the basket getting a glass shower.

  67. Gardner Joe

    Gardner JoePred 15 dnevi

    Curry lead in scoring and won the mvp, and then won the champ that year too

  68. Gardner Joe

    Gardner JoePred 15 dnevi

    8:41, not better than curry though!

  69. W for Wavy

    W for WavyPred 15 dnevi

    show this to a lebron fan and he flops and complains for a foul or sum shit

  70. Brooklyn Rewers

    Brooklyn RewersPred 16 dnevi

    not bashing anyone but after watching the last dance, the nba looks like a joke now. When jordan and kobe were playing it seemed so personal and competitive. Now it’s all about 3pters and being popular... like they are there just to get a pay check.

  71. Darian Pesicka

    Darian PesickaPred 16 dnevi

    But they did say he played golf before that game

  72. MLG

    MLGPred 16 dnevi

    @jimmy, I will no longer argue the Jordan over Lebron argument with anyone. i will just send them a link of your video. thanks for this summary that I don't get a chance to explain because people get in their feelings when I tell them that they are very selective what statistics they want to use and which not.

  73. Booneber

    BooneberPred 16 dnevi

    When you gonna make a vid on lebron

  74. Boden Pistorio

    Boden PistorioPred 16 dnevi

    Anybody who thinks labron is better than him than your brain only has two brain cells

  75. Keith Moors Sr

    Keith Moors SrPred 16 dnevi

    Great Job.....The Bulls For Life

  76. LeRaymone James

    LeRaymone JamesPred 16 dnevi

    People impressed my mj averaging 40 points against abunch of bums is hilarious

  77. ThiccThiccDaddy27 FatFetus12

    ThiccThiccDaddy27 FatFetus12Pred 17 dnevi

    Michael Jordan is basically the definition of a myplayer in 2k

  78. Paul Zen

    Paul ZenPred 17 dnevi

    What nobody takes into Account (despite his greatness): when you are THE ONLY scoring option on your team, you’re bound to put up insane numbers if you’re THIS good. Look at Harden in his Houston era. In the 6 Championship years he was surrounded by players that were number 2 scoring options on other teams, that suddenly only scored 5 pts a game. He is insanely great, but just looking at numbers takes away from the logic of how he got there.

  79. Nothin' But Net 2K

    Nothin' But Net 2KPred 18 dnevi

    12:18 *SHEESH* that fall was scary!

  80. Mark taylor

    Mark taylorPred 18 dnevi

    Jordan is a great scorer no question , but lebron is a better all round player, and that why I believe he the goat

  81. Motor City Dre

    Motor City DrePred 18 dnevi

    Yeah, but Jordan & the Bulls lost to the "Bad Boys" of Detroit ! ! !

  82. Freddie Batista Jr

    Freddie Batista JrPred 19 dnevi

    LeBron Who?🤷‍♂️

  83. Chuck Chuck

    Chuck ChuckPred 19 dnevi

    Absolutely great video

  84. Julio Sera

    Julio SeraPred 20 dnevi

    Video should've been called I want to talk about mj.

  85. Kombat Cyn

    Kombat CynPred 21 dnevom

    BREAKING NEWS: you can like lebron and Michael Jordan

  86. Claudio Rodriguez

    Claudio RodriguezPred 21 dnevom

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  87. Damjan Stevanovic

    Damjan StevanovicPred 21 dnevom

    This video is a dagger into the hearts of LeBron fans. Loving it!!!

  88. Edgar Ochoa

    Edgar OchoaPred 22 dnevi

    Jordan is pretty damn great. But anybody that cries to commissioner to get rules changed does not come off as a goat.. kareem had rules made against him and still is to this day the all time leading scorer in league history.

  89. Larry Knight

    Larry KnightPred 22 dnevi

    He's the greatest!

  90. Michael Reagan

    Michael ReaganPred 25 dnevi

    BTM is better than this . I think Sean would literally eat from a bulls ass

  91. Michael Reagan

    Michael ReaganPred 25 dnevi

    Sean David say Rodman........

  92. Peter A

    Peter APred 25 dnevi

    Love the fanboy for Jordan but what about Wilt? I get it... Big dudes never get the love... Even when they dont have anyone on their team.

  93. Djāngo Brāzy

    Djāngo BrāzyPred mesecem

    You ain't have to do Simmons like dat 😭

  94. zeitesixx

    zeitesixxPred mesecem

    What are the names of Iverson’ documentaries? Peace

  95. azz00981

    azz00981Pred mesecem

    He is a legend and all of that, but a damn selfish player. That isn’t team play, that a calll for “spotlight on me” fuck that

  96. Jay Child

    Jay ChildPred mesecem

    Can somebody tag Shannon Sharpe?

  97. Moon Star

    Moon StarPred mesecem

    IDC Kobe still my goat

  98. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien PinardPred mesecem

    The maddening swallow superficially attract because slice taxonomically settle off a slow sideboard. pointless, rambunctious train

  99. Rick Brood

    Rick BroodPred mesecem

    Damn, I should have gotten into the backboard business back in the day. Too bad I wasn't born yet.

  100. Adrian Hodzic

    Adrian HodzicPred mesecem

    Great video but cmon the year jordan shot 43% from 3pt we all know that it was the year the nba experimented a shorter 3pt distance, it was like a long 2pt in todays nba and we know that jordan was prolly the best mid range scorer ever so its not a stat that you should count in jordans greatness

  101. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuPred mesecem


  102. gavin phillips

    gavin phillipsPred mesecem

    Bruh this kid trash 1v1 me kid

  103. Brandon Sanchez

    Brandon SanchezPred mesecem

    10:46 I thought that 35 was LBJ when I looked at him at a glance

  104. max payne

    max paynePred mesecem

    He had great trainers thats what it takes to achieve higher heights he paved the way now bron and others are following the code its coo because it repeats now Luka and other players are following brons patterns its just amazing how evolution works

  105. max payne

    max paynePred mesecem

    See thats why Mike was smart come through play pick up whole time Jordan learning your mannerisms smart